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#26 – Clean out Google Contacts List


I guess I’m doing a lot of these tech list items because the strike puts a real damper on the more creative endeavors. Plus, they’re easy and a fantastic procrastination tool. 🙂

I have been a Gmail addict from very early on. My brother invited me years ago during the beta phase. It’s amazing, it’s an efficiency machine and the best way to do email. Google Reader is a part of my daily internet habit as well. So, you can imagine how happy I was when Google Reader opened up a “sharing” feature to enable sharing RSS stories with my contacts. Er, ALL my contacts.

That’s right. The sharing feature is all or nothing. So if I want to share a weird, fringe story with my brother, I have to share it with every Gmail contact in my contact list, or share it with no one. And the lovely part is that Gmail’s programmed to automatically add every email correspondence to my contact list. Every email. There’s no way to turn that feature off either! So I have hundreds and hundreds of emails, from my grandpa to in my contact list. Every mail from every friend of a friend’s mass mail list even! And if I don’t want them to be able to read my RSS shared items, I have to remove their email TOTALLY from my Gmail contact list, losing their info forever! Google, why??!!

I decided to go through and clean out a few letters a day from the contact list, removing the random ones, and adding the other ones to mailing lists, so I can form some mailing lists for The Guild and such. It was horrible. The interface is slow, awful, I can’t say worse things about this contact list thing. You can’t choose to add contacts to a Group from an email, so you physically have to go into the contact list after an email and search for the email contact, THEN click on it and add it to a mailing list. OMG. So, in reality, the cleaning out was kind of a waste of time, because every email from now on will be added, unless I go in and REMOVE it after I email some random, which is torture considering the delay in response when you’re actually in the contact list. I’m begging Google, get something better, please!

The thing is, I was hoping to transfer a lot of info to Google contacts and use it as an address manager. I have been using Palm Desktop for years. Considering the fact I haven’t owned a Palm Pilot or Treo for over 4 years, it’s pathetic I still store stuff in that 1990’s interface. But, I haven’t looked into transferring until now.

What address managers do you guys use? Ah well, cross off #26. 🙂

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