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Went to Austin this weekend to visit family.  Reinforced that flying is the modern form of torture 🙂  But I hit the jackpot, and I can’t find out who recommended it, but I want to thank whoever recommended Rachel Caine and her Weather Warden series to me.  If I had proper searching on the blog I would be able to figure out who that was.  Step forward and claim credit now! 😀  It was a girl, definitely.

I am addicted to this series.  I love it SO MUCH!  I read all 6 books in the series in 4 days.  Yes, crazy cram session, it was GLORIOUS!  I gorked out like a crazy geek.  Has anyone else had that experience where you’re so immersed in a book that it feels like real life is just a pause from the life that going on in the book that you can’t wait to get back into?  I have that a lot, part of my susceptibility to MMORPG’s I think, total immersion is pretty easy for me.  Well, I stayed in a Weather Warden state for 5 days, resentful to be forced out of it. I can’t wait for the next one!  It kills me that books take so long to come out! (Yes, I hate reading comments like that about The Guild, so why am I saying it?  Because I finally realize it’s a compliment, not a guilt trip! 🙂 )

I don’t even want to say much about the series to not give it away.  It’s set in modern time, the main character can manipulate the weather with magic, that’s all you need to know, just read.  If you like Anita Blake or any of that genre, you’ll absolutely love this series.  Are there leaps where you go “What?” Sure.  But I couldn’t even put on my critic hat because it’s so enjoyable, so right on for what I was looking for, I decided to just go with whatever was dished out.  Definitely the earlier books are better, but I thought for a long series it sustained pretty well, and the magic system is really interesting and the Djinn are a hot alternative to Vampires and Werewolves which are all the rage.

The character goes through so much awful stuff, kinda like when Nancy Drew was always getting a concussion and you start to think,”Wow, is there some long-term brain damage going to happen here?” but she fights through, and it’s very inspiring, I was totally on her side to kick first and take names later.   I kinda want to go study Kung Fu now, even though she kicks butt with magic not fist, it’s as close as I can get because magical abilities are probably not gonna happen.

On another note, I will be redoing the out of date Halloween banner soon, I promise 🙂

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