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Books for the week of 8/18-8/25


The good thing about working is that there’s a LOT of downtime in the trailer, which I don’t use productively by writing, of course I read fantasy books!  And I’ve read 3 of varying personal satisfaction in the last week or so.

Starting with my FAVORITE (which I ran out and bought the next two just tonight)

 I posted both covers because I wanted to see which one people liked better.  I received the red one in the mail and, having read it, I really think it fits the tone of the book better, even though there’s a McCheesy on the cover.  He’s not popping biceps out of his jerkin though, so I’m on board with it.

Just judging from book #1, this is totally right below Fire and Ice series for me, I couldn’t put it down.  The mythology was really interesting to me, I actually stopped to read the song lyrics and poems (which I usually skim for some stupid reason) and I was really invested in the characters, even the royal family, poor nobility.  There were some surprising twists I didn’t see coming (it could be argued that they came TOO out of nowhere, but I liked being surprised), and it had that great gritty atmosphere that so many new series have lately.   I really think that the fantasy genre is riding high now, it makes me glad to be a reader 🙂  Anyway, I can’t recommend it higher, and #1 is in paperback, so…you have nothing to lose!  I think someone recommended it to me in a thread, so thank you that person.  Feel free to claim credit.  I read this book in one day, I couldn’t put it down.

Next, not as glowing a review, much to my sadness for I LOVE this author:

Er, ya.  If anyone read the Curse of Chalion series, or her Vorkosigan SF saga, you know this author is AMAZING.  Definitely worth picking up everything….but this book I’m afraid.  This is basically a romance novel, with a little fantasy thrown in.  It almost reads like a young adult novel sometimes, the main character can be so childish and irritating at points, and there’s almost no conflict between the main two characters, because they are in love instantly and…well, there is some interesting world building, but it was a pretty weird side trip for an author who I adore.  Oh well, everyone is entitled to try something different.  🙂  Definitely LOVE the Curse of Chalion, can’t recommend that one more if you haven’t read it.

Last but not least,  the first novel of an author I am really liking; Michelle Sagara West.  It was recently republished.

I have no idea what to say about this book.  I enjoyed it, but it depressed me so much I can never see myself reading the rest of the series (there are 4).  There’s a very interesting love story in here, and I could criticize consistencies in the story, but for something to make me like, SO DEPRESSED is really a feat, LOL.  I would love to hear from anyone else who read this.  It definitely reminded me of one of my VERY FAVORITE books The DarkAngel by Meridith Ann Pierce.   Man epitomizing utter darkness, girl of light…but in the Sundered series…I know you’re supposed to get your main character in trouble to create conflict, but this poor main character, sometimes I wanted her to just die and get it over with, the pain she’s put through in this book.  And that’s just #1.   I really like this author and am working my way through all the other things she’s written.  I would not dissuade you from reading this, but be prepared for a lot of darkness.

Anyway, those are my round-up reviews for this week.  Love to hear from anyone else who read them.  If you’re a boy, I would definitely only recommend The Briar King.  Oh, and the Curse of Chalion.  The other two are very vaginal fantasy. 😀

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