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I wanted to mention a few books I’ve read the past few weeks that I think are worth noting.

I collected quite a number of comics from ComiCon because me knowledge of that area of literature is woefully ignorant. I’ve read a few in my very spare time and wanted to mention them.

Scott Pilgrim

First, Scott Pilgrim was recommended to me by Joss Whedon himself, so I totally put that on the top of the stack. And I’ve already ordered all the rest of the series, it’s so great! Short description: “Scott Pilgrim is a 23-year-old guy living in the big city with his gay roommate, just trying to make his way in this crazy world.” It’s cool to have such a hip, regular-world venue and have it be so incredibly interesting. The characters are so engaging. I look forward to eating up all the rest of the series very quickly.

Next, I met the “Looking for Group” guys in their booth at Comicon and they traded my their lovely hardback for a signed headshot. Nice trade! I had read this comic before online, so to get a nice hardback copy to peruse (Nice, thick, luscious paper, oh and the comic is awesome too, hehe). If you’re a gamer or a WOW player, definitely check out their site. I’m partial to them because they have an actual page called “Codex”, thus they know where that name came from, rather than making “Kotex” jokes.

I have more comics to go through from Comicon, so stay tuned for more stuff I’ve glommed onto.

Other books: I also got a preview copy of the forthcoming novel “I CAN HAZ CHEEZBURGER”!!!!!

The testament to the power of LOL Cats is that any visitor I’ve have over in the last week who has seen the book, promptly squeals and then reads EVERY PAGE SLOWLY and giggles to themselves in the corner. It’s weird and creepy and fantastic. I read this book with my boyfriend together before bedtime. I might do it again tonight. When this book comes out I will be buying many copies and spreading the gospel of Kitteh Talk. Thanks for the preview!

Next, I finished the GREAT Duology “Hunter’s Oath” and “Hunter’s Death” by Michelle West. I love this author, she writes under the name Michelle Sagara too, her “Cast” series has a new one coming out at the end of the month and I’ve pre-ordered it for months. That series is more urban-fantasy-romancey, but this duology is thick, complicated Epic Fantasy at its finest. There are a lot of characters, and sometimes the lore gets a little heavy, but I really enjoyed the world and the plot twists. I will be reading the other books she has in this world focusing on one of the characters.

Last but never least, my blog readers know I’m crazy about Lisa Shearin’s Magic Lost, Trouble Found series. If you like adventure, romance, girl fighting action, a great sense of humor, definitely pick up this series. However, you know that I haven’t been a huge fan of the cover art. (I believe I referred to it as vaginal pink or something insulting, and Lisa commented and I was ashamed, haha). Well, the cover art for book #3 is out and….

YES! No pink in sight! Raine is finally bad-assed like she is in the book! She’s wearing leather, she has skinny thighs! She’s carrying a dagger, and her ears are attractive and pointy. I love orange, my favorite color, so I can’t tell you HOW EXCITED I AM ABOUT THIS BOOK! Finally it doesn’t scream 12 year old girl. It says there will be fighting and magic and sexy hunk elves and goblins galore. Yumz.

So Lisa and Lisa’s cover art maker, I salute you. I only ache inside I have to wait until next year to read this. Where can I pre-order?!!

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