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Brandon Sanderson To Finish WoT!!!!!!!


The Book Swede & His Blog: Brandon Sanderson To Finish WoT!!!!!!!

I came home to this article plastered all over my handy duty RSS Fantasy list of at least 20 fantasy blogs.  Very exciting news!  I believe I wrote about Sanderson’s “Mistborn” last month, how I enjoyed it, but I believed the characters could have been a little fuller drawn, especially the secondary ones.  But for some reason, this feels like a really good fit for Jordan’s voice to me.  I feel like Sanderson’s prose is very similar in style,  and there’s something about the way he handles dialogue that makes me think that Jordan’s book is in good hands.   Call it a gut feeling.  I would love to hear from others who have read both authors, see what they think.

Personally, I’m in the thick of panic for Christmas gifts.  I panicked when I was looking at some website and it said “15 days to Christmas!”  The last week has been taken up by a little Guild Christmas Carol we filmed on a lark, hopefully we’ll post it tomorrow or Wednesday, so now I’m JUST gearing up with brainstorm lists of gifts, and it’s making me whine a lot because I’ve got to get these suckers SENT and I’m pretty sure my 18 year old cousins don’t want a donation to WWF and a little stuffed Panda for Christmas 🙂

Anyway, that’s my assignment for the rest of the week, gifts and doing end of the year estimates for taxes.  Joy.   The good thing is that I started my week out in a really fun way, I took an all day Final Cut class at UCLA extension today!  Man, the nerd in me is purring!  I loved it!  We went over all the basics, as well as cheesy iris transitions, crazy filters, swirling subtitles, I think I’m addicted!  Since everyone is holidaying, my goal over the holiday is to shoot one of the sketches I did while I was in the sketch company at ACME and have fun editing it, because now that I have the know-how, I need to practice to keep learning and reinforce.   I need to do my acting reel too, although the thought of staring at my own face for hours isn’t that appealing.  Maybe I need to work on the narcissism a bit. 🙂

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