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It’s the weekend! After an intense week of shooting I’m finally…er, sleeping all weekend to catch up. If you hadn’t heard about it earlier this week, I am in Canada shooting a SyFy TV movie called Red, a dark and modern adaptation of Red Riding Hood fairy tale. It’s REALLY cold up here, and Canada…is another country, haha, but I’m having a great time being a bit of a badass, so it’s fun. Here’s the first released pic from @syfymovies:

We’re doing a lot of location shooting, so the wardrobe department keeps us very bundled up. Every scene I have about 3 pairs of tights on underneath my jeans, but still my fingers get numb. I’ve never lived ANYWHERE this cold, and everyone is saying this is actually a HEAT WAVE for the area so…erm. I’m a wimp. And I appreciate LA weather better. I’ll keep posting non-spoilery pics as the shoot progresses. I’m here until the end of the month, which is the longest I’ve ever been on location. It’s a bit stressful to be away from my home this long, but like every movie shoot you make a family wherever you go, so I’m meeting tons of new people.

Canada is quite interesting. I never really thought of it as a separate country, but the minute I got all the colored money in my wallet I started feeling like a foreigner, haha. Everyone is quite friendly and laid back. It’s quite odd to see the Canadian versions of our reality shows on TV, I watched Canadian Project Runway the other day. Also, there is indeed curling on TV. Every night. Absolutely floored me.

On another note, I’ve been thinking about this blog, and Twitter, and looking at these in-between places like Posterous and Tumblr, where you post links to videos and pics and very short blogs. They make it very convenient to post on the go and from the web, a little more convenient than here on this WordPress blog. Would you be interesting in reading a more link-heavy separate blog? Or have me update more shorter one-off posts here on this blog so it’s more centralized? Social Media is in total overload right now, so adding another site seems a bit much, but at the same time the ease of use for these in-between services might make the whole experience more interactive on my part. I could also just add another separate tab to this website with a Tumblr Feed, which would keep it centralized but separate from larger web posts like this. Very interested to hear your thoughts, and how YOU are dealing with information/social-media overload!

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