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I tend to love things that enable me to procrastinate.  So when iTunes requested a “Celebrity Playlist” I jumped at the opportunity!  Unfortunately, they weren’t able to find room in the US store for my playlist.    Canadian iTunes DID post it, so if you’re in Canada you can click to enjoy.  Since I put like 12 hours worth of time winnowing the playlist down, I thought I’d share them here with you anyway for US and non-US alike!
EDIT: Lala doesn’t work overseas I guess, but reader Tor made the playlist on Spotify for those streaming challenged, THX Tor!
1. Take Them Down:  The Main Drag When we couldn’t afford When in Rome’s “The Promise” to end Season 2 of The Guild, I Twittered a request for music to use for the show.  Listening to over a hundred submissions, a track “Love During Wartime” jumped out at me, I couldn’t believe how great the song was for what we needed.  This song is from their new album.  Their followup does not disappoint.

2. Control:  Kid Sister
It’s pretty obvious I’m not cool, but finding this song and loving it lets me PRETEND I am.  Rap/Hip-Hop/Electronica fusion awesomeness.

3. Teflon Man:  Ghost Dog I’m not sure how I stumbled upon this, probably because I have a thing for Nordic Rock.  This track is from the band’s debut album. They’re Norwegian.  And I love them.

4.  Men in Love:  Gossip This screams groovy modern disco to me, and the lead singer’s voice is so catchy.  I definitely want to play this on Rock Band.

5. The Walls Are Coming Down:  Fanfarlo I love orchestration that’s out of the norm.  This track has standout trumpet and mandolin, and they’re used joyously.

6.  Nobody Lost Nobody Found: Cut Copy Think this style is called electropop.  I just know it makes me want to dance.

7. Dance With Me:  Nouvelle Vague New Wave song covered in Bossa Nova style?  Yes please! (Had to embed a few YouTube vids instead of streaming because I couldn’t find them in Lala, and no other service allows full stream embedding. What happened to imeem?!)

8. Hell: Tegan and Sara
I’m vaguely obsessed with this band.  I’m pretty sure if we ever met in real life we’d be best friends and go shopping together, and have tea.  And go to the spa. Now it’s awkward.

9. Aftermath:  The Southland This is the former band of Jed Whedon (Dr. Horrible, “Do You Wanna Date My Avatar”)  I’m glad I hadn’t heard this before I asked him to write The Guild’s Avatar song with me, I’d probably have been too intimidated.  I love his vocals on this track in particular.  He’s ridiculously talented.

10.  100 Little Curses: Street Sweeper Social Club Sometimes I get obsessive and play a song 200 times in a row.  Like this one.  It demands to be played VERY LOUDLY.

11.  Worm Mountain: Flaming Lips Huge fan of the Flaming Lips, but combined with another one of my 2009 obsessions, MGMT, this track rules.

12.  Atman:  Rodrigo y Gabriala When I was in music school for violin, the acoustic classical guitarists would always play outside the music practice rooms in the hallways, primarily to pick up chicks.  If they had played anything like this duo, they would have been very very popular.

13.  All the Right Reasons: The Jayhawks The Jayhawks are 100% one of my favorite bands.  Every track on the album is breathtaking, the harmonies are gorgeous and romantic.  Alt country rock perfection.

14. Navy Nurse:  The Fiery Furnaces This band is strange and wonderful.  Definitely not stereotypical, but I’m completely drawn in by the fusion of sounds in this song.

15.  Re: Your Brains:  Jonathan Coulton Listing this here on the off-chance someone is not aware of the grandmaster of geeky folk.  If you can catch one of his live shows, the audience generally floods the stage walking like zombies during this number.

Hope you enjoy some of the tracks! And feel free to embed your own faves in the comments for other people to enjoy! 🙂 Also, my blog is sometimes weird about spam filtering, so if it doesn’t show up immediately I’ll be sure to approve it as quick as I can if it gets caught up!

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