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Well I guess it’s time to get back to…updating my website, lol. It’s been a crazy several months, with every spare minute devoted to finishing up my book! (Did you pre-order?!) I turned in my final edits today, PARTYYYYY! Writing it has taken over a year and a half of my life, I haven’t put my heart into anything this much EVER I think. Maybe Christmas presents I made when I was eight. Anyway, I really hope you enjoy it, and pick it up to support. I think it’s really funny and hopefully inspirational. Objectively. 🙂

This week though I’m back on camera, though! (Note to self: Shave legs). Geek and Sundry is doing a 48 hour charity stream on our new twitch channel and I’ll be there for as much as I can and still get sleep so I don’t turn into an insane big-old-B person. (I’m a 9-hour-a-nighter, and I’m perfectly happy spending 1/3 of my life sleeping because it FEELS SO GOOD.) Lots of guests are going to stop by the stream and we’re giving away prizes, it’s gonna be super fun, so tune in Tuesday 5pm PST through Thursday 5pm PST 3/5-3/7 to watch! All donations go to the Lupus Foundation, in honor of my friend Maurissa Tancheroen Whedon, one of the Dr Horrible writers and performers. She’s struggled with some very bad health stuff over the years and raising awareness of how deadly this disease this is super important to me.

Streaming on Twitch is something I’ve come late to on the internet. I was kind of scared to show myself live before in case I said something to offend someone or came across wrong or…I dunno. I have many reasons that are irrational in my life for doing/not doing lots of things, lol. Thank goodness I overcame it! I started my own Twitch channel last October just for the fun of it.My brother and I stream together once a week, and we stream solo once a week. After years of pouring myself into Geek and Sundry, I just wanted to do a few things purely on my own, regardless of the “job” of it. I had no idea what an amazing community would form around my streams!

Around those streams an amazing community has popped up, #TeamHooman, and fans have created a FB page, a Twitter, a website and more. It makes me so happy to have something in my life that is this organic, where people have taken initiative to create something out of the seed we’ve planted. Honestly, it’s why I kept doing The Guild years ago even though it was tough, because the shared ownership with the fans gave the work so much meaning. I hope with the expansion of the Geek and Sundry twitch, along with me and Ryon’s own streaming, that we continue to grow the community in a thoughtful, and supportive way. Twitch has to potential, with close moderation, to do what is the heart of what’s great about the internet: Create community. And what I think, sadly, the platform of YouTube just doesn’t.

So join in one of our streams if you have time! Especially the charity one this week. Here’s all the info:



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