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Comicon 2009


Well, I survived, but barely, haha! 🙂 The Guild had a fantastic time at Comicon this year. We had to turn away like 500 people from our panel (We asked for a bigger room, sorry everyone who didn’t get in!!), our music video, “Do You Wanna Date My Avatar” was an awesome hit, as was our season premiere episode (Wil Wheaton is our guest actor this season!), and we had a booth where we met a ton of fans face to face! Not to mention that Legend of Neil premiered there, with me returning as the dirty dirty fairy, and the 13th episode of Dollhouse I appeared in had it’s world premiere in front of thousands (it’s horrifying to see your face that big, honest).  I think I can say the weekend was an awesome success. 🙂 Some pics below:

Although we were extremely busy with signings (we had so many, but the lines didn’t stop!) our indie show did get some press, the pinnacle of which was this article on io9 that lists me as one of the top ten hits of Comicon (wow, really?!?!) covered our panel in two different articles (One about the panel and one with  MSN video interview embeds), And below is an interview I did for EW with Michael Ausiello, one of my favorite blogs:

If you compare the pics of me on Facebook and Flicker from Wed night to Sunday, you definitely can see I got more and more exhausted as the Con went on, ha!  It was a lot to deal with, my wonderful co-producer Kim Evey took care of a lot with the booth and logistics of signings, as did our legion of awesome volunteers.  Xbox was a fabulous partner who threw a really cool scavenger hunt party for 50 fans and the cast, as well as organizing getting the cast down to San Diego and printing posters, signings, interviews etc.  Thank you Wolf, James and Lisa, you guys are the best!  Also, I especially have to thank the California Browncoats for lending many a hand with the booth setup and line management, they are the awesomest group of people I’ve ever met, I love you all 🙂

It was after the panel that the fatigue REALLY set it.  There was so much to do and so many secrets to keep by that Friday morning deadline:  Getting the music video finished and uploaded in time for the special Comicon Xbox codes to be implemented, getting everyone’s costumes down to the Con and getting them on and getting to the convention without ppl seeing, (Thanks to Microsoft for providing a laser-light stripper bus for transit, a video of which you can see here with Kim Evey and Greg Benson, LOL):

Guild director Sean Becker worked separately to get the Season 3 premiere episode finished in time for the panel, and Scott Allie at Dark Horse rushed to get the announcement about the Guild Comic ready too.  So much awesome info to coordinate, I can’t believe it came together!  Costumer Sarah Trost and weapons maker Greg Aronowitz especially helped by coming down and making sure our stunt appearance in-costume would happen right.  So many people helping this tiny indie web show, it’s overwhelming at times.

Anyway, lots to look forward to in the coming month, a few convention appearances, season premiere, music video debut, gah!  I want to sleep now!  Thank you to every person who stopped by and got a DVD or picture to support the show, it means so much to me to hear how ppl enjoy our work and how it helps inspire them to do their own creative stuff like web series or art or music.  Meeting fans is what gets us through all the hard work during the year behind a computers screen, so thank you!

Oh, also if you have an Xbox, reply below and I’ll give a code to the first 10 people who reply for the music video.  Not sure if it’s geo-locked or not, sorry. 🙂

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