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De-Stressing is fun


Guild shoot done! And today…I am absolutely useless.  I didn’t feel that stressed all week, but I realize now that coordinating, moving furniture, getting equipment, praying I didn’t forget a prop, rewriting the script…it requires a few days of rest at least to recover.   Lesson learned from this Guild shoot: Babies will not do what you want them to.  You’ll probably see what I mean after we upload, haha.

So to de-compensate…I played Depths of Peril for 4 hours today.  My newest addiction.   I found it from Game Tunnel’s best indie games of 2007.  I’m so gung-ho into indie coffee shops, and clothing shops etc. but I usually only play corporate behemoth games.  So, I gave a lot of the games on their “best of” list a shot, and found some really fun ones, especially the puzzle and adventure ones, my fave categories.  But Depths of Peril…mmm, it’s my new achilles tendon.

Graphics are cheesy, let’s just get it out there, so if you’re looking for that, don’t go indie.  But the gameplay is addictively Diablo-esque with the added element of factions playing against you.  It’s like having other real players adventuring alongside you (but it’s single player).  They compete for reputation by doing quests quicker than you, trading valuable objects for your favor, etc.  It’s really fun gameplay, and has that random loot drop addiction we all know and love.  A multi-player version of this would be sooo fun, I hope they’re working on it!  For now, it satisfies every one of my gaming urges in a nice, “feel-good about myself because I’m supporting independent people” way.

In other news, Flog regular Edgar reminded me today that I was slacking on my 101 things list.  And I totally am!  I don’t want to admit how far behind I am on leg shaving 😉  I realize that the habit forming items, like X 1x a week, are going to be hard to maintain and/or measure.  I might be altering those items to more concrete goals, and then transferring those recurring items to my daily checklist if I really want to make myself do them.  The “Remember the Milk” checklist is really doing me well, I’ve taken my vitamin and exercised almost every day since the 1rst!

I haven’t been totally slacking though.  I can cross one item off the list: #35, finish backyard!  We’ve had a dirt crapfest behind our house for 3 years.  Weed city.  Anyone who’s had landscaping done knows how expensive it is to install sprinklers, paving stones, etc.  I am not a ditchdigger, and I have a wilted thumb, so doing ourselves, bad idea.  I would go back there with a hoe and almost chop my foot off getting up weeds, and that was about it.  So, for my boyfriend’s birthday, I saved all last year, made the calls and last week the gardener started!  Yay!  I did a streamlined version of the grand plan we had envisioned, but at least it won’t be embarrassing to look back there anymore.  Yes, I might be dumb to spend money during the strike, but I figure being proactive is better than moping around.  And I rationalized, because a good friend of mine claims that the Feng Sui of that yard was adversely affecting my career.   Something about the back yard being the womb of Chi?  Ugh, I have no idea.   I will enjoy not feeling like trailer trash when I let the dog out in the morning 🙂

Oh, and you can see me in the Cheetos commercial I did! I think it’s actually airing on TV, this is some underground thing they’re releasing on youtube.  It’s weird they used my actual name.   There was a lot of dirty improv we did on the set, I hope they post more of it later.  For now, it’s just surreal and totally cool looking.

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