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TallisWanted to share some cool links if you’re interested in Dragon Age: Redemption Behind the scenes.  Key crew members are on Twitter and would be MORE than happy to answer your technical questions on their work!  As the episodes roll out you’ll see that various craftsman and experts in their field added amazing stuff to bring a fantasy world to life on a web budget.

Peter Winther, our director, is a HUGE Dragon Age fan and would love to talk about how he’s worked on huge movies (Independence Day, The Patriot) and how he transitioned to web video-scale shooting.  He can also speak best about the special effects and sound design (until I find more crew on Twitter to do so 🙂 )

Greg Aronowitz, one of the Executive Producers and Production Designer/designer of Tallis Costume/SFX Makeup (whew! 🙂 ) is updating his blog with each episode.  He’s also on Twitter to answer Questions about all things art, taking DA concepts and making them real objects!

David Heinz our AMAZING EDITOR works on HUGE movies but took the pieces of our webseries and polished them to perfection (and made me look good).  Ask him about anything edit-wise-dom, especially working with fight scenes, and any post-work we did like color-correction, etc etc.

Peace Nistades our composer (and who is 22 YEARS OLD!) is updating his blog with each episode to talk about themes he created for characters etc, and is also ready and willing to discuss his process, which I believe took everything a notch up, the music is awesome!

Shawna Trpcic, our costume designer and wardrobe head, who did Firefly and Torchwood: Miracle Day and Serenity and Dr Horrible!!!, is on Twitter and would love to answer any questions you have about how she took costumes from many rental places (including pieces that worked in Waterworld), created some as well (like the Templar leather and Tallis) and cobbled them together to meet the concept art of Dragon Age II as much as possible.

Thom Williams, our stunt coordinator, had to choreograph fights that were epic in scope but with a crazy limited timeframe, and train non-stunt actors to not kill each other, so he can tell you how he made me stop stabbing people with the pointy end :).  Also Fernando Chien (who consulted with fight training, especially with me) and Alex Huynh (Who is in the first episode breakout as Ludd) are on Twitter and can speak to more stunt-oriented queries.

Actor Doug Jones, who plays Saarebas, is online and a wonder to speak to.  I’m trying to persuade more actors to get online, will update this blog if I get some arms twisted!

From the game, Mike Laidlaw and David Gaider (the lead writer and creator of Dragon Age) are on Twitter and maybe can interact, as well as the Dragon Age and Bioware and AMDGaming (the overall sponsor’s) feeds.

And as always I’m online and can answer questions you have, trying to get a chat together this week for episode 2, will update everywhere when I get something scheduled! 🙂



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