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Dragon Age: Redemption Official Trailer and Info!


In March of last year my agent got a call from EA asking if I’d like to work on a project together.  It was a vague call that turned into the idea of working in the world of Dragon Age, making a web series, acting in a piece of DLC content for the game as the character I created.   No way I could say no, right?!

-3 months later I had a script written.

-7 months later we were in pre-production.

-10 months later we were shooting

-14 months later I did all the mo-cap and vocal recording for the DLC, Dragon Age: Mark of the Assassin

-16 months later we finished post-production

-18 months later you get to see the result on Machinima starting today with the trailer below!

With the help of Bioware/EA, AMD coming on board as a sponsor, and over 200 cast/crew members, we made it happen!   I know I’ve talked a bunch about this project over the last several months, so enough talk, release it already, right?

Starting next Tuesday I’ll be linking all the episodes to you here and on all my social media accounts(midnight international release on Machinima FYI), I’ve also been given a BUNCH of schwag to give out each week, like DLC codes, Dragon Age merch, signed headshots (etc), so hopefully you’ll enjoy that.  There’s a podcast etc etc, so lots of fun stuff to come!

There’s a fanart contest currently going on over at Bioware around Tallis’ outfit (and a nice blog entry by the designer of the costume, Greg Aronowitz) and a puzzle contest that I’ll be helping link to all week until launch, so maybe give that stuff a peek to tide you over ’til launch!

Also I’m planning to schedule some Google Hangouts to interact with you guys about the episodes, so you can meet the cast and crew and ask questions about the show, I’ll announce those later on Twitter and Facebook and Google+, so be sure to follow me there.  Cool?  Cool 🙂

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