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Dragon Age Redemption
Almost eleven months ago, my agent @georgeruiz called me and said he’d had a conversation with someone from EA/Bioware about the possibility of working together, but they weren’t sure on what. Thus started the LONG road to today, when I can announce my next project: Dragon Age Redemption. USA Today was nice enough to cover us HERE and in print.  Also, here’s a profile on me as a gamer with a different picture.  What an amazing way to tell the world about my new baby! 🙂

I have had a TON of opportunities to work with amazing people in the last few years, but my ability to balance something other than The Guild was a real challenge. When I finally reached a place where I felt like I COULD do something else in between seasons, I was very very picky. I never want to go backwards, I always want to challenge myself and the web video space. So, nothing struck a nerve with me until the name “Dragon Age” came up. One of my favorite games, and they would let me write in it? Act in it? Be an ELF in it?! Really?! Um, can we shoot YESTERDAY?!

To pull off a full fantasy world on a web series budget is near impossible. But to do Dragon Age justice, I had to try. I called everyone I knew in my almost decade-long Hollywood career and asked them, “Do you want to work on something cool?” The awesome part of this is that they read the script that I wrote, (After ANOTHER DA playthrough and TONS of hours of research, I even read the novels!) and instead of recommending an assistant or a colleague, they agreed to work on the project themselves. Wow! Peter Winther, who produced a short I acted in years ago, who’s an amazing director and who loves fantasy novels as much as I do, agreed to direct, he got John Bartley, the DP from Lost to agree to do the project. My friend Dan Kaplow who produces United States of Tara came on board to produce with @kimevey and me. Greg Aronowitz, Guild favorite, did the production design and SFX makeup (and designed my outfit), Shawna @trpcic agreed to come do costume design, (we worked together on Dr. Horrible), I contacted Doug Jones on TWITTER and asked him if he would be interested, on and one and on. Down the line, every single crew member pulled all the strings they had to bring a world alive. And Kim and I treated them to a coffee truck every morning in exchange. It was kinda the least we could do, haha.

I will be talking about this project a LOT in the coming months, so I don’t want to talk about too much too soon, but I can tell you that I’ve gotten to work with some of the most amazing people I’ve ever worked with during this process, on the Bioware side and on the filmmaking side. I am the hardest-core fantasy fan there is, so every detail had to be as amazing as we could get it! And the results are turning out to be…well, you’ll see.

We shot 12 days in January, and keeping it under wraps was so incredibly challenging! I look forward to telling you about every aspect, and showing you some amazing episodes full of magic, stunts and…well, quippiness. 🙂 Oh, and I’ll be on Jimmy Fallon to premiere the teaser exclusively, so be sure to spread the word and tune in! I have a beautiful dress I got just for the occasion!!!

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