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I don’t mean to rant, but I’m going to do a small tiny rant. So…I guess I mean to rant. 🙂

I get on a lot of email lists for classes, performances, etc. Everything you do nowadays requires you to get on an email list to stay in touch. Recently I was put on a list for a writing class and an improv class so that we students could communicate about class stuff. IMMEDIATELY I got 4 or 5 mass emails from individuals on this list for their webisodes or YouTube videos or any number of other performances/stand-up/plays, who I don’t know because I’ve only met them once in class! Also, I got several emails today from people I didn’t recognize, again for YouTube/web shows GOD HELP ME, so I searched for their name in my Gmail, and they came up as a person who was on another mass email that another friend had sent out, but otherwise we had no connection. Friend of a friend of an acquaintance. So they ninjaed my email from that non-BCC mass email! GAH!

I try to be really careful who I put on my mailing lists, and I would NEVER just wantonly add new email addresses to my mailing list if I’d never even MET the person. And taking them off a CC: list is just plain tacky, am I right? Or am I the dumb one not to use every email that comes my way to send out notices?

With everyone and their uncle doing web videos and whatnot, I guess I just have more of this to look forward to. If I were ballsy enough, I’d email them and tell them to take me off their list, but if it’s a tangential acquaintance or even a friend, doesn’t that seem bitchy? I would get my feelings hurt if I received one of those. But as email becomes the primary way to get in touch with people, I feel like there needs to be some sort of standard with regards to contacting people. I mean, if you wouldn’t call them on the phone, why would you feel free to email them?

Rant over. 🙂

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