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ea6abbaaf4081a9a18bdcf3607beb39dOver the last two weeks I’ve been overwhelmed in a lot of ways. With the traveling and meeting thousands of people, and it’s all good, but a lot to take in! The book has done so much better than I’d hoped (although I’m a pessimist so anything above zero exceeds my expectations, EVER haha) and hitting the New York Times bestsellers list? Unbelievable.

Overall though, the most amazing thing has been meeting parents of young kids and teens who have thanked me for writing something that encourages their children to stand up for themselves. And kids themselves. To stay strong and not be ashamed of their weirdnesses. It’s the most fulfilling byproduct of writing this book (besides making people laugh): Helping influence young people to not be ashamed of who they are. Peer pressure, bullying, conformity, all causes us to abandon those things that make us different and makes it hard for us to fit in. But those differences are our superpowers, ya’ll! Never get rid of those things that make you an individual!

So I had a shirt designed by Natalia over at Geek and Sundry to be able to raise money for the anti-bullying charity “Stomp Out Bullying”. All proceeds go to this amazing cause, and will hopefully encourage lots of people to embrace their weirdnesses. If you want to order, go to, the shirt will be available until September 9th!


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