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Emerald City Comicon!


Very excited to leave tomorrow for Seattle, one of my favorite cities! Amy Okuda (Tink from the Guild) is accompanying me to do a Guild panel (with the awesome Wil Wheaton!) and we will be selling DVDs and pictures and signings stuffs together in the autograph area. Please come by and say hello to us Seattle-ites!

The Tink Comic is out next week, March 13th I think actually, and one of my fave hip chick bloggers, Whitney Mathison, got the first six pages to preview at her USA Today blog Pop Candy. Don’t read if you don’t want spoilers!!!! (The cover above is by famous artist Peter Bagge!  So cool, and realistic, har har)  I wrote this one solo, while I was shooting Eureka, and the issue turned out to be the proudest thing I’ve written.  Six different artists contributed, so it’s quite a collection of AMAZING art, as well as a story I love.  I can’t wait for you guys to enjoy.

If you’re coming to the convention, TFAW has printed a limited edition of the above Ron Chan Cover, and I believe he will be signing it at their booth during the convention. The print is FREE with purchase (Click here for all info).

I’ve been super busy finishing a draft of Season 5, co-writing the remaining Guild comics with Kim Evey and Sandeep Parikh (Clara and Zaboo issues respectively).  It’s a lot of Guild, but after going away for a while to do Dragon Age (we are just editing the episodes now, very cool), I’ve actually been re-enthused about the characters, it’s been a real treat to make words come out of their mouths after taking a vacation (after 3 solid years a LONG deserved one!)

In addition, Kim Evey and I are trying to put together other web shows to pitch, we have some great scripts, treatments and ideas in process.  Scaling upwards is going to be challenging because web budgets don’t allow us to invest in the overhead like a real office and our own production facilities, but I think we are taking the right path, making sure all our projects are slowly but surely crafted so the quality will remain high, and we will continue to keep innovating.  That’s super important to me.

Anyway, love to meet people over the weekend, and if I’m extra careful about hugs and handshakes it’s just because I’m kinda worn down and I really don’t wanna get sick, I really appreciate your understanding, and I look forward to meeting everyone!

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