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Episode 11 and Dollhouse



I have fallen into the trap of not blogging, just Twittering information again! Augh! Twitter is such a time sucker (in a good way!)

Never too late, wanted to post about The Guild Episode 11: Collision Course being posted this past week. I enjoy this episode SO MUCH! For me it’s one of the best, most consistently funny episodes and the cast definitely contributed a lot to that. Sandeep threw in a few improv lines that had me on the floor, the one about the mustard and “those are abs”. I love how Robin (Clara) picked up on that improv and went with it, 10x funnier! And Vork’s “Women…” line is the most quotable of the season. He’s brilliant.

The opening webcam was one of the first ideas I had for the season, I loved the idea of “breaking” the format, but not REALLY breaking it. Fernie (Wade) is such a good actor, I love the way he walks the line of being hunky and douchey at the same time, such a clever combo that few could pull off!

Next week is the season finale, I absolutely can’t believe it’s here so quickly! I have lived and breathed “Guild Season 2” for 6 months almost, and now I should start thinking of stories for Season 3. I think next week’s finale will spur me to start 🙂 BTW, I was thinking about having a live chat event next Tuesday night, try to get a few cast members involved, would anyone be interested in something like that? What service do you enjoy using, ustream, stickam etc?

Ok, I’m off to watch the premiere of Dollhouse! Supporting Joss and staff writers Maurissa and Jed and the cast is important because I know them, but honestly, I’m a sci-fi nerdette, so the show would have attracted me like honey had I NOT known anyone behind it. I am a Joss fangirl (don’t let him know, it would be awkward at parties 🙂 ). I know a bit about where the show is going, and it’s seriously amazing later in the season. Coincidentally I announced yesterday (after getting extra permission) that I’m Guest Starring in an episode, and I absolutely can’t wait for it to air. Such a different role than I’m used to 🙂 You’ll see!! More on that closer to the air date, for now, I hope it blows the ratings away!

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