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Episode 7: Coping and Stuff


‘The Guild’ Season 3 Episode 7 “Coping and Stuff” is up. The Axis of Anarchy thwarts Codex’s attempt to counter their attacks with logic and reasonableness.

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There’s a LOT going on in this episode. We actually had to cut out a whole scene between Wiggly and Bladezz in this ep, the FIRST TIME we’ve cut out a big enough chunk to have a “deleted scenes” DVD extra in Guild history, haha. I particularly love how dumb Wiggly is about the game, he’s just NOT getting better. The horrified looks from the cast are just CLASSIC, and the little tantrum Bladezz does before I get the idea to trade lessons was just sheer performance genius on Vince’s part. Total accidental take that just makes the moment.

My top favorite part of this episode is Vork on the lawn. @andrewgleason, our Guild benefactor, donated the apartment complex where he lives again this season, and we were sooo careful not to mess up the lawn, so that’s why the van is partially on the sidewalk and not RIGHT UP against the building like I envisioned in the script. Still absolutely hilarious, his pronunciation of the Spanish is soooo bad! CABEYZAH! I was actually inside getting makeup on for the Riley/Codex scene and hadn’t seen any footage on this until we were editing, it made me roll on the floor, how intent Vork is on his little notebook.

Also, the spinning Finn Smulders head to transition into the button of the episode was a joke by @seanbecker. He FTPs cuts to me and my producer @kimevey for notes when we can’t get together and sometimes puts little jokes in the cut to crack us up (there’s a certain webcam this season that was lit like a pumkin and I made a comment and he edited in…well, you really had to be there, so forget it :D) Anywhoo, when I saw that come up while writing down notes I totally snorted orange juice up my nose and was like, “WTF SEAN! KEEP IT!” So, there you go. Not traditional Guild style but anything for a laugh, right?

We just picture-locked episode 12, the finale. I can’t tell you what a relief it is knowing the season is over (er, actually we have 3 more weeks of work on the DVD extras. Oh and I’m writing the comic book so that will take a few more months…erg). But these episodes have come out SO GOOD I just can’t thank the cast and crew enough for realizing my vision of this “impossible-to-shoot-on-this-budget” script. I hope you guys continue to enjoy, I know we are!

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