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Something weird happened on Friday afternoon, around 1:30pm. I started noticing a hashtag in my @replies tab:

I then Tweeted:
Someone is pranking me. I am seeing the craziest things flying by on Twitter with hashtag #feliciadayrumors. I created DECAF?! SLANDER!

Who knew that three hours later, it would spawn a BLOG POST, get on Trending Topics on Twitter:
@maxsummers You gotta love Twitter when something like #feliciadayrumors is on the Trending Topics!

AND make someone CREATE A WEBSITE!

Really?!? How could this happen?!

Here’s the origins of the hashtag. @zombiejoe, a big Guild fan, Tweeted this to @deliciafay, a strange alter-ego I have on Twitter who is passive aggressive but mostly harmless:
@deliciafay I hear @feliciaday took a class in Native American Raindancing so that she could rain on your parade.

To which @deliciafay responded:
Felicia secretly started @twitter because its her gateway to over half a million souls. Its what she eats. #feliciadayrumors

And thus it was born. For some reason.

The entries vary WIDELY and there are more than I could EVER type/compile but I will try to classify some of my favorites by category to give you a flavor.

@dannycantspell @feliciaday is solely responsible for global warming, spoiled milk and armpit sweat.
@Neorift Felicia Day is the reason children are afraid of the dark.
@BelRand @FeliciaDay makes fridays end
@jasonnellis @feliciaday likes to eat apples. And by eat, I mean kick. And by apples, I mean babies. 😉
@JThrust @feliciaday is watching all of you, and making notes for the Day of Reckoning, over which she will preside.
@Nebachanezar She eats puppies to stay pretty
@crazygolfa Felicia Day is the reason why the Cubs haven’t won the World Series because a Cub killed her cat. She curse the Cubs.
@thisisbree @FeliciaDay dyes her hair red with the blood of kittens.
@KobraKae Felicia Day is responsible for hot dogs coming in packages of 12 and hot dog buns coming in packages of 8.
@bradleescott felicia day is the real reason why doves cry.
@tictac4u @feliciaday made kids allergic to peanuts

@missfuneralsong @FeliciaDay invented decaf. (THIS ONE GOT MY ATTENTION!!)
@evilray Felicia Day invented infomercials.
@Schlotto @feliciaday invented bacon
@drchuck68 @feliciaday invented Tetris.
@mariancall @feliciaday invented Post-Its
@katekintail @feliciaday wrote the book of love
@drchuck68 @feliciaday invented lolspeak for teh kittehs
@jose_jose Person who invented the little plastic bit at end of shoelaces? Felicia Day
@BrettJohnson81 Felicia Day is the best thing since sliced bread… Because she invented it.

@DangerShoes Creating an exact look-a-like of Felicia Day sim on Sims 3 unlocks the Guild Towne scenario
@kennokishi I heard @feliciaday plays an Oregon Trail MMORPG. She’s a level 80 Assassin named Dysentery.
@ds2600 Felicia Day is responsible for the delay of Duke Nukem Forever
@stepheneyre not sure who Felicia Day actually is! However! I do know she is an unlockable character on Mortal Kombat
@slugboi @feliciaday always rolls 20’s
@swinky Just leaked from Blizzard! The big raid boss in the next WoW dungeon is going to be Felicia Day! (YES!)
@Louie_E #Feliciadayrumors @Feliciaday can actually throw a Hadoken in real life. It’s how Donald Trump’s hair got that way.
@AnubisibunA @feliciaday got lost in Natal at E3 and is now totally virtual… Microsoft developing game for her to live in…
@ZachsMind When @feliciaday plays Left4Dead, the Tank ambles over & begs her to pet him. She does. Then she shotguns his head!
@Jamie1km Coming soon to D&D Insider: @feliciaday busts the level 30 barrier and called the Tomb of Horrors a “cakewalk.”
@nomadnp @FeliciaDay plays D&D with Elvis, Amelia Earhart, and Bigfoot every Friday in Area 51
@dintalion @feliciaday taught Arthas how to be the lich king. We call her The Lich Mom.
@parafox @feliciaday came up with a solution to the energy crisis but then said “eh, screw it” & played Plants v Zombies instead.

@thereverendpuck @feliciaday is the smoke monster.
@AudiblySilenced @feliciaday is Spartacus!
@TheWSFC Felicia Day is made entirely out of scotch tape.
@shiftworldwide @feliciaday was the actual singing voice of Milli Vanilli
@stanchfi Ashley Simpson sang all songs for @drhorrible, @feliciaday lip sinked – though she did do all the vocals for Milli Vanilli (there were a LOT OF THESE for some reason?!)
@rocketmunkey @feliciaday is Wolfram Alpha
@chrishokeblog Felicia Day is really a 62-yr-old Portugese fisherman who found an iPod in his net one day and decided to rebrand himself.
@jeremydizonFact: Jean Claude Van Damme didn’t star in movie Bloodsport. It was just @FeliciaDay when she’s HULK angry!
@ReginaMedinaWhen @feliciaday puts on a yellow polo shirt and sits behind a microphone, her name becomes Rush Limbaugh. (EW!)
@twiggot@feliciaday is really David Spade in Drag!!!
@PLDM Felicia Day is Keyser Söze (Props for getting an umlaut on Twitter)

@Avi_Cado i heard she breaks into people’s houses and brushes their hair while they’re sleeping!
@not_a_hero @feliciaday broke all the clocks at our school.
@perelandraa My second cousins’ boyfriends sister told me that @feliciaday stole her baby
@thisisbree: @FeliciaDay shot the sheriff AND the deputy.
@ecstaticlysm @Deliciafay felicia day steals craft services and pastries from conventions and sets she visits. (kinda true)
@KDBryan I heard Felicia Day killed at least 3 men in knife fights in back alley bars in Tulsa, Oklahoma – for money /and/ sport.
@kiala: Felicia Day killed the dingos that ate your baby.

@firedancergirl @feliciaday Chuck Norris Is Felicia’s half brother.
@tcabeen Chuck Norris fears only one thing: Felicia Day.
@awrittenfad The Boogieman checks under his bed for Chuck Norris. Chuck Norris checks under the bed for Felicia Day
@elvenkayt @feliciaday is the cybergenetic love child of Chuck Norris and Jackie Chan. Only she could house such awesomeness.
@ttrygveRO Felicia Day is everything Internet memes claim Chuck Norris is.
@pontusolin If Chuck Norris and @feliciaday ever met, it would mean the end of life, the universe and everything. For a little while.
@adamskt @feliciaday knocked out Chuck Norris during looping for his upcoming guest appearance on The Guild.

@ProvokedCashew @feliciaday makes keyboard cat tired.
@B_K_M @feliciaday once swam the english Chanel and did her taxes at the same time.
@dougluberts @feliciaday is 7′ tall, kills men by the hundreds, and can consume you with fireballs from her eyes…
@Callyhan @FeliciaDay ‘s power level is over 9000
@FishXXIII @feliciaday Can kill two stones with one bird (so long as that bird is not a baby duck)
@sfsmaus If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find her, maybe you can hire Felicia Day. Today, still wanted by the government, she survives as a soldier of fortune.
@KatoKatonian : @feliciaday is part of a secret crime-fighting team with @veronica and @caseymckinnon known only as “The Three”
@alexiswi #feliciadayrumors @feliciaday was the first woman to orbit the earth. That cosmonaut stuff? Soviet propaganda.

@kielstewart Felicia Day is infact created by our imagination and so if everyone passed out she would disappear
@_faith @FeliciaDay killed Schrodinger’s Cat.
@pfennig Schrodinger’s cat became @feliciaday when put in the box.
@drchuck68 Felicia Day is the only one who can stop the Large Hadron Collider
@Laz75 The answer’s not 42, it’s Felicia Day (Lots of these too)
@chaletfan @feliciaday knows it’s not 42 it’s really 43.
@idwth Felicia Day actually IS the 5th element.
@punslingerr @feliciaDay is the only person on Earth who can divide by zero without anything going wrong afterwards.

@mattzog Felicia Day is so cute people describe buttons as resembling HER.
@TheBroox #RickAstley will give you up for Felicia Day.
@dougadams Day dreams are named that because they all involve @FeliciaDay.
@COMEDIANISDEAD @feliciaday dreams in pixels
@Captain_Jester Sunflowers always face @feliciaday

@darthzippy @feliciaday can bee seen somewhere in the background of EVERY Google Street View shot. She’s that fast.
@netheadww @feliciaday authored the IWUBYOU virus: cleans your registry, fixes your firewall and sets a baby duck desktop background
@netheadww@feliciaday will be unveiled as the next gen iPhone at #WWDC

@alex252 @feliciaday was born in Kenya but tells people she was born in Hawaii.
@Evlsushi@feliciaday is actually Barack Obama with a great makeup artist

@korkster @feliciaday has never actually read a book.
@14aviran @feliciaday pays a Gold Farmer to play her toon in WoW
@maxsummers That Season 1 scene with Clara’s kids in a cage? Based in real life. @FeliciaDay really likes to lock children in cages.
@WonderPenguin @feliciaday runs an animal sanctuary for clubbed seals. Fridays are bingo.
@boehmography @feliciaday is the reason unicorns are extinct. (NOOO!)
@chadness7 @feliciaday played the part of Jar Jar Binks – the CGI was a lie!
@ KatoKatonian : @feliciaday creates real-life lolcats by taping signs to kittens.

@nantel Guess who’s Lindsay Lohan’s new girlfriend?
@BrieBecket Felicia Day is reputedly in talks to appear in Peter Jackson’s upcoming adaptation of “The Hobbit.”
@JeffshouldBhere @feliciaday and @Nathanfillon are remaking The X-Files.
@deliciafay Heidi and Spencer Pratt are best friends with @FeliciaDay (who?)
@melleBrad Pitt and Angelina Jolie tried to adopt @feliciaday, but she adopted them instead.
@airlockalpha @feliciaday says Spider-Man 3 is not her fault and will prove it by directing Spider-Man 4
@twiggot E! news just reported that @feliciaday just go married to Vince from the Sham-WOW commercials in a private ceremony!

@MoTancharoen You got it folks. @feliciaday kicked the shit outta me
@sandeepparikh this is not a rumor: @feliciaday is 64 and sucks the souls from babies and kittens to stay young.

@sarahlucielle It’s rumored Felicia Day does not have blood. Instead her heart pumps silky, fresh milk.
@JamesGrimlee When she gets mad, the mayan calendar resets itself.
@KevinCarey @devjones “Felicia Day hates the British, which is why #feliciadayrumors is not #feliciadayrumours” maybe she just hates Fleetwood mac
@VanessaL3000 @feliciaday Felicia does the wierd stuff…
@gatsby11rel @FeliciaDay was the result of a gentlemen’s wager between Joss Whedon & Wil Wheaton to make her a geek icon. We all lost.
@ChaseClark Felicia Day rushed to hospital after suffering screen burn-in on her face from sleeping with her Kindle.
@thisisbree @FeliciaDay CAN touch MC Hammer. And does. Frequently.
@swinky Crayola once named a crayon after Felicia Day, but had to recall it after it started setting kids on fire.
@gavinhowells Felicia Day is only able to speak Japanese & is dubbed over during interviews, public events, film & TV appearances
@steverose @deliciafay Wonder Woman wears Felicia Day PJs
@davidnett @feliciaday ‘s coverage is always shot from the front right to hide the hideous baby arm growing from behind her left ear.
@eliafierce @feliciaday tripped heather mills in the grocery store when her fake leg fell off.
@shadowmaat Unwilling to sell her own soul @feliciaday sold the souls of her castmates to fund S2 of @theguild. Oddly, no one noticed.
@AudiblySilenced@feliciaday can microwave a burrito so hot that even she cannot eat it.
@donabogart @feliciaday Lol I heard you married a colombian, Juan Valdez, and converted his coffee company to tea!

I guess that was a fun few days, but ZachsMind was right:
@FeliciaDay would be done writing season 3 of The Guild by now, but we keep distracting her with all these rumors.

True Dat. Thanks @egspoony for helping me compile! You can find more, MANY MANY if you search on the Twitter sidebar: #feliciadayrumors

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