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First, I want to share with you the latest Flog video! I think the more taxed I become on the work side, the weirder these videos are getting, so actually it’s a good thing haha. This week my friend @JosephPred taught me CPR, and I basically turned the lesson into a bad soap opera. I think it turned out supreme and want to thank him for his time and expertise.

I dunno if YOU guys noticed that my face looks more rested haha, but I’ve been resting up a lot lately to get my health back. There were a few months that were pretty awful there, and it definitely showed in my work and in my private life. I would just fall asleep EVERYWHERE because I was so tired. I’m feeling WAY better lately though, yay! We were recording the Flog last weekend and it took literally 2 minutes to memorize each segment, whereas earlier this year I would forget my lines over and over again because my brain and body were just exhausted. SOO good lesson for me, I gotta be surgical about my time and just dial back everything. I put on an intimidating auto-reply for my email and have just been deleting EVERYTHING I can possibly delete (if people get insulted I just have to accept that because it’s not personal). I’ve cancelled a lot of stuff for the fall, and after Season 6 shooting in Aug/Sept am basically taking it easy for the rest of the year, just developing new ideas while I oversee Geek and Sundry (which is a full-time job as it is!)

It’s been a good wake-up call though, because I’ve had to think about what I REALLY want to do with my time. That’s why I decided to just take the rest of the year and CONSUME things, because I’ve not watched any significant TV, Movies etc in almost YEARS because I’ve been too busy MAKING things. I need creative infusion of ideas to spur ME getting bigger ideas, right? Or maybe I just need to hang out with my friends a bit. I mean, I DO have a network to oversee so I’m not on a luxury vaycay hahaha. Anyway, let me know how you find creative inspiration in the comments, what you think of Geek and Sundry, any feedback you have etc, love to hear your thoughts!!!

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