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Game of Thrones personality test!



So, if you’re a fan of the “Fire and Ice” series, you might have fun with this test, that tells you which house you belong to in the world of George RR Martin’s world. The following is my score. I feel like I should be more trustworthy, but maybe their questions were just biased. I think MANIPULATIVE would be a better word, and that was just with regards to throne manipulation. Am I protesting too much? 🙂 Anyway, here are my results:

Your Score: House Tyrell

45% Dominant, 54% Extroverted, 45% Trustworthy

Vivacious. Gregarious. Dangerous. Slightly gay. Not to be trusted, you are of House Tyrell.

You are of a more submissive personality, though this is not to say that you are unambitious. On the contrary, you know that the spotlight brings more than glory. Unwilling to be saddled with the accusations and petty treacheries of court life, you are content to let someone else hold the reigns of the empire. You’re in the thick of it, though; no one makes a move that you haven’t anticipated. Those headstrong types are so easy to control.

You are also extroverted, which means that no matter how subtly you move your hand, everyone knows that you’re a player–a major one. Your sociability makes you a boon to the smallfolk, though in truth they love a façade. Your god-given talents will often excuse you from criticism, but jealousy will follow you like a dog wherever you go.

You are definitely untrustworthy. Behind you beaming smiles and polite laughter lurks the most dangerous kind of enemy: a charismatic one. You’re opportunistic, and all the more treacherous for your subtlety. An efficient political machine, you are always evaluating yourself as well as your surroundings. There’s no room for error in your household or yourself, and you’ll cut off the hand that offends you.

Representative characters include: Margery Tyrell, Loras Tyrell, and Olenna Redwyne.

Similar Houses: Baratheon, Frey, Tully

Opposite House: Lannister

Seat: Highgarden
When playing the game of thrones, you play it with style.

Link: The Song of Ice and Fire House Test written by Geeky_Stripper on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test

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