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Guild Episode #10



Episode #10 is posted and I have to say, I’m very excited to share it with everyone! I’m especially loving this episode because there are some great lines in this that make me chuckle. I’m not a piggy, if someone has a better idea on set we definitely shoot alts, and sometimes their line is better than mine. In this episode a few brilliant zingers by Vork make me laugh a lot. I don’t have an ego about it, I just am greatful to have such creative people around me who know their characters so well.

I don’t want to spoil it for those who haven’t watched (go do it!), but I feel like the cast is in top-notch form, and I love how all six characters really get some nice moments, all packed into our tiny web-series time frame. I like the scene between me and a certain newcomer (to avoid spoilers). It’s so passive aggressive at a certain point, dunno if girls will find it more funny than guys though. Sean Becker (the director/editor) and I kept the awkward moment longer and longer in editing, until it had us in stitches. Long silences make me laugh so much. It’s hard to be brave and keep them in, especially with the rocket editing pace that’s required online to keep ppl from clicking away, but that’s real life, right? I experience the agony of awkward pauses in conversations daily, why not spread the love? LOL!

Hope you enjoy!! Next week’s episode may very well be my favorite, but I guess it’s like your children: All of them have qualities that are the best and worst 🙂

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