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Guild Episode 8: "+10 to Bravery"


Episode 8:
<br /><a href=";vid=f5adff20-445c-474f-89cf-8ed22d2ddb22" target="_new" title="Season 3 - Episode 8: +10 to Bravery">Video: Season 3 &#8211; Episode 8: +10 to Bravery</a>

And a NEW Gag Reel!
<br /><a href=";vid=58dc04b6-be05-47a7-8296-a61186029f0a" target="_new" title="Season 3: Gag Reel - Episodes 5-8">Video: Season 3: Gag Reel &#8211; Episodes 5-8</a>

You can download them all from the browser onto your Xbox too.

This episode has my favorite Codex scenes yet. Basically when I go to festivals/panels, they always ask for a scene to show, but other than a webcam entry, it’s hard to pick a lot of scenes out that feature all of Codex’s character: She’s by definition shy, withdrawn, passive and internally neurotic (what they always tell you NOT to write, and makes her the hardest character to flesh out when I am actually writing, haha). The scene with me and Tink will definitely be one I feature in the future, as well as put on my reel. I LOVE LOVE doing physical comedy (that’s why I particularly like acting on sitcom sets) and this was a believable scene where I got to do some of those crazy moves I usually reserve for the DDR pad. I love the dynamic between the characters, and how competent Tink is with the ball, and how INCOMPETENT but determined Codex is to try (and fail) to work things out. Amy was a pro-baller in High school so that’s why I set this scene at the court (special skills FTW!)

In addition, Wil brings it home as Fawkes in this scene. I love LOVE the part where he says the thing about the gas tank, that’s directly stolen from my brother who once said he liked to push the gas tank as far as possible before refilling, whereas I am the kind of person who fills a little below 1/4, total anxiety about running out. It’s hard to be such a jerk and yet totally charming and hot, Wil does it PERFECTLY!

Another scene that’s great, Vork and the Matron, is one of the first scenes I wrote for the season. There’s a strange civility between the two of them that is kinda awesome. PLUS the Riley Zaboo scene is soooo crazy! Many thanks to John, the volunteer BTS/SFX guy, who made it look like that was a real paintball hit: He rigged that up with a baggie and some kind of air gun, haha. When I first wrote this scene Zaboo proposed to Riley, but I thought it was a bit much and throttled it back to reality, making it a commitment ring. I figured Riley’s character might dump him if he got too serious at this point in their relationship.

All in all, a turning point! I see a lot of people commenting that they want the Knights to start fighting back, well, wait til next week!

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