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Happy Friday Night!


I have 42 minutes before I have to leave the house, the only 42 minutes I’ve had to relax all day, and I decided what better usage of time than to write a blog entry! Yay! It’s a little messy and stream of conscious, but I have so much I want to write about and so little time and I’m a bad girl for not posting all week so…whatever. 😉

I know I owe quite a few book reviews, I have them piled next to the computer in anticipation of a big post. In fact, they’re tipping quite precariously. Earlier this week however, I decided to absolve myself of all the guilt I’ve been feeling lately: Of not blogging enough, of not cleaning out my inbox, not exercising, not brushing the dog, not vacuuming (so said dog hair rolls like a huge tumbleweed down my hallway)…blah blah blah. Because I realized that guilt is not a great motivator for me. It makes me sad faced and is not a creative kick starter.

What IS a creative kick starter is segmenting my day sensibly and prioritizing. I was SO GOOD at that earlier last year with to-do lists, and goal sheets and it’s turned back into the haphazard schedule that disallows any focus. I’ve rebooted this morning with old school pen and paper and it’s definitely going to serve me better. Also, I’ve been trying the “thumb screwing” technique for getting a draft of The Guild Season 2 done, and I have to say, it’s not really working! I ended up getting total self-doubt, rewriting the first 25 pages 2 times, only to realize I should have stuck with my first instincts. That was a grody realization, but a good lesson to learn. Had I allowed myself a few more video game breaks, or allotted an hour in the mornings to going to the gym, gone to a few parties that I skipped out on, I probably would have generated more ideas and kept my enthusiasm fresh. Bottom line, I need to not confuse motivation with grim ultimatums. I started today with that attitude and got some great clues as to how I should proceed writing-wise. And I’m going to let me instincts be my guide, because…that’s all I have! 🙂

It’s just extremely hard to focus on one thing when there’s no consistency to my day, the curse of the freelancer. Murphy’s Law requires a commercial audition to arise right when I have writing or Yoga class penciled in, or a conference call with a New Media company, or a friend who needs to be picked up a the airport. For the next month or so (until I get this damned script done, lol) I’ve decided to turn down most interviews and meetings unless I feel they are really necessary. In Hollywood, a lot of people’s SOLE JOBS are to “have meetings”, which I had to go to about 100 meetings to learn. Blech. Fun Fact though: When you have a meeting as a writer/producer, they validate parking! As an actor…they have signs saying “No Actor Parking.” LOL!

We’re starting next week working full-steam on the DVD for The Guild. Educating myself about that end of the business, as well as helping translators help translating the show into like 6 different languages, and researching the different web video players out there has been quite a bit of homework these past few weeks. We’ll be going to ComiCon from July 25-27th and we’ve also been busy arranging accommodations passes etc. I’ll be announcing plans soon about that. Thanks so much for the people who answered my Twitter request for Schwag places! Unfortunately our budget will probably not accommodate buying stuff since we just realized that 25,000 people attend ComiCon and we were thinking of getting like, 200 keychains, haha! The scale is enormous and I’m very excited to go, but our little show sans funding won’t be giving out much of anything except our lovely smiles. 🙂 We will have our DVD with us though, and perhaps a cast picture. Hopefully “Dr. Horrible” will have some presence there too, I will post as details are updated.

Oh, on June 21 I’m participating in an all-day seminar called “Spinning The Web- Writing for the Internet” at the WGA (Ironic since I’m not even WGA, haha). I’m participating on one of the panels called “Let’s Put On A Show” with the guy from Chad Vader, and the guys from PINK, and others so if you’re into making web content, it looks like a pretty nice lineup of guests, and the other panels look good too! Check the bottom of the website for details of location and cost etc.
Lastly, I leave you with a picture of Flog reader Andrew’s Tortillas. Remember he left in a comment that he made them homemade and I was like, “Hey, show me how?!” Well, the probability of my EVER getting around to making them is next to zero, so he was kind and send me a Flickr picture that I now share with you! Yum! Thanks Andrew!!! This is the most random blog post ever. Going to improv!

Andrew's Tortillas!

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