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Happy Gobble Gobble Advancedly!


Tonight I tried to make the pumpkin pie in advance, which took WAY longer than I expected because 2 grocery stores were sold out of whipping cream. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I mean, what the hell folks, please stock your stores with the appropriate ingredients, this is the pig out day of America! UGH! They were out of buttermilk too. Heathens. I finally tracked some down at Whole Foods, a nightmare inside, and I made my pie, but it almost burned because my timer decided not to ring. Nice.

My brother is in town, so we’re going to do our traditional Thanksgiving dealio:

  • Prepare meal starting at 10 am. Don’t go to breakfast because we’re going to “eat soon!”
  • Go to store at least twice because of forgotten ingredients, regardless of previous list making.
  • Become starved by 2pm when Turkey is not done at time recipe says it is.
  • Check Turkey for done-ness for 1 1/2 hours straight.
  • Test the thermometer because it can’t take this long for it to be done.
  • Curse Turkey.
  • Weigh arguments for and against eating raw Turkey, supporting each side by Google searches on parasites/salmonella and/or quoting Rachel Ray and other cooking professionals.
  • Finally Turkey is cooked. Every other side dish is cold and/or eaten already.
  • Set table. Cats jump on table and starts eating any dishes left unattended.
  • Eat for 15 minutes around 3 pm like ravenous hyenas. Forget to say thanks.
  • Accidentally make dish ring on nice Indian Dining table because we forgot coasters.
  • Almost cry over table ring.
  • Feel good about selves for making a meal at home for once.
  • Stare at mounds of dishes.
  • Almost cry over dishes.
  • Go see horrible movie. Worse rating the better.
  • Order pizza at 8 pm.
  • Wish I had the self discipline to be Bulimic.

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving! Hope all of you have fun with your families/friends. If not, write down the things that drive you crazy, they’ll make a great novel someday 🙂

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