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How Could I Forget?!?!?


I forgot to put something in the last post that has really made my week!  I have been chosen for the Nintendo Ambassador Program!!  Yay!  What does that mean?  That means….I get to play DS lite games!  That they send me.  In the mail!  WHAT?!?!  And have a cool party to introduce my girlfriends who aren’t gamers to the DS Lite.  WHAT?!?!

They usually specifically DON’T pick gamers for this program, they’re very selective and only a dozen or so people are picked across the country (Yes, I feel special)!  I guess they did something similar last year with those “Wii Parties” that started the buzz buzzing about the Wii, and now they’re doing it with the DS Lite and girls.   So, I get to invite my girlfriends to a party and they get to play with lots of DS games!  How cool is that?!  My girlfriends generally look at me like a freak of nature when they want to go out on weekends and I tell them I’m too busy raiding or Wii-ing or D&D-ing or something, so I look at this as a revenge of sorts:  If I can get them addicted, we could…play together.  🙂
As you all know, I’m a huge proponent of women gaming.  The more women who game and are vocal about it, the more companies will broaden their point of view and say, limit women characters’ boobs to their head size or something.  And the DS lite, of which I already have one (a lovely boyfriend gift), is one of my favorite on-set activities when I’m acting.  My other one is knitting.   But I’m not well-versed in the games because I just have Brain Age and Mario, so I’m super excited about getting to try out new games that are released, and PRE-RELEASES!  Heck yes! I don’t think I could come up with something I’d rather be “Ambassador” for.  Maybe chocolate.

Anyway, I will be adding DS games to my blogging topics, and I’m sure there are a few of you Floggers out there who play as well 😉  And as always when I mention a product:  No cynical person, I’m not getting paid.  I did however, get a BEAUTIFUL coral DS Lite and Zelda and Planet Puzzle League in the mail yesterday!   Oh gosh, I can’t wait to load up Zelda, it was on my birthday wish list!   And I also should brush up on Brain Age before the party so I don’t get Ds or Cs in front of my non-gamer friends.  I DO have a reputation to maintain! 🙂

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