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Movie wrapped Saturday, or should I say, Sunday morning 🙂  I was really sad to drive away from the set, knowing that I’d never be going back, but at the same time, I was eager to go home and have time to vacuum and stuff, because there are dog/cat hair tumbleweeds the size of my fist floating down the hallway.

I guess I can say the name of the project now that it’s done.  It’s “Prairie Fever” and it stars Kevin Sorbo (yummolicious) and I believe it will be on the Hallmark Channel, not sure of the timing.  It’s a western, and between getting cow patties on my dress and sweating in a 110 degree heat a lot, it was a dream come true 🙂  I will definitely plug more for the show when it gets closer to airing.  I haven’t worked with such wonderful actors since being in “Warm Springs”.    It was really inspiring to me, because when I work with actors who are so gifted, it makes me want to go work on my craft, so I can be as facile as they are.   But I also I can’t wait to go back to comedy improv class from doing all this drama and pretend to fart on someone in a scene.

I am implementing some of those juicy lifehacker/zen habits lists to get the piles of undone tasks done because it’s pretty overwhelming.  Number ONE is planning on getting the new episodes of The Guild shot.  We have cast members/crew still working on other stuff for a bit so juggling schedules will be “fun”, but my task is to get the shoot planned ASAP and get the turnover time shortened so that we can have an episode out by late October.   Frustrating that there’s that long a lag, but when you’re working 14 hour days 6 days a week, not much can happen with planning, especially when you don’t have cell service or email.  Utter torture.  Also, we ARE in talks with getting money to do a bunch of episodes at a time, which is fantastic, but it’s not reality until the paper is in front of you, as they say. 🙂

As far as everything else, my “prioritized list” is as long as my arm.  I think 43 folders has a nice video on “inbox zero” that my brother has been preaching to me that I’ll be checking out.   I need the help.   I literally have 200 emails to return.   And at least 15 messages from my Mother, telling me what she bought at Target last night from the last two weeks, and how her dog is doing.  She likes to share stuff with my answering machine, LOL.

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