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I'm an Idiot


Against my better judgment, I’m going to share something that makes me look like an idiot.

I love Method products. I love the packaging, I like the colors, I’ll pay three extra dollars for a curvy bottle of dishwashing soap. I’m a chump. But, at the end of the day, if it makes me happier to buy a pretty product to clean my toilet with, I will.

Imagine my delight when I saw they were offering body soap several months back. About 5, to be exact. The reason I’m specific is relevant to the story, I promise.

So, I start sniffing the array of products.

Hmm, wow, that white one sure smelled the best, AND it matched my beautiful clawfoot tub, my crazy indulgence when we renovated our house. How terribly attractive that would look in the storage tray that sits over the bathtub. How artful. So, I bought the white bloq. That was when the trouble began.

The five months go by and I quickly noticed that this soap was really…not good. Every time I used it, I was like, “Wow, this stuff will not wash off!” It felt kind of waxy on my skin, and thick. Like conditioner. But, whatever. It was pretty, and despite the dissatisfaction with the quality of it, I just figured that Method knew what they were doing. Maybe it was extra moisturizing, and who was I to complain? I would even look at the back of the bottle at the ingredients while I was using it. Not carefully, but I would look, wondering the whole time at the sub-parness of my Method experience. Nothing suspicious crossed my eye.

So, last night I was in the tub again, and used the bloq. Same thought passed my mind, “Wow, this stuff is crappy, it won’t rinse off.” Something made me read the front again, I FINALLY look at the packaging closer than normal for some reason, and see this:

Do you see what might have drawn my eye?!  DO YOU SEE WHAT, TO A NORMAL HUMAN, WOULD BE READILY APPARENT?!?!

That’s right.  I’ve been washing myself with body lotion for about 5 months.   How I didn’t see this before…with all the clues…I’m supposed to be a smart person.  The dawning realization of my utter humiliation registered after I read the words “body lotion” about 20 times.   I started laughing hysterically at myself.  Then I got a little depressed.  Alzheimer’s anyone?

In my defense, if you examine the packaging, the lotion and the wash are identical packaging.  Except where the written text clearly identifies the different uses.  And the fact that, when I used it, it FELT like I was using body lotion as soap.  Let the ridicule commence. 🙂

PS: I want to establish here that I had alternate soaps and don’t use the tub nightly, so my hygiene was never in question.  My mind, but not my hygiene.

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