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I'm Sorry Michael Bay


Ok, so “The Guild” has been out all weekend and I would say it’s getting generally good feedback. I’m going to ignore that right now. Because OBVIOUSLY I have to fixate on the negative comments of people. Here are some of my favorites.

“…film is not your milieu.”

She didn’t do it for me. Had that Helen Hunt look about her.”

“wasn’t really funny but the girl was decent *or to put it in words the OT can comprehend* “I’d pee in her butt”.

What a pick-up line. Anyway, what does this mean to me? For one thing, it makes me feel bad about about my Transformers bashing before. In short, the whole experience has made me appreciate the effort of film making, and the stinging critique of our consumer culture. Yes, I’m going to use big words now.

Most of us have no appreciation for what goes into the things we consume every day. I certainly don’t. I’m sure if I studied the plastic cup, I’d be more reverential when I sipped out of it. Hell, one of my favorite movies on YouTube is this one on how aluminum foil is made. Fascinating. Anyway, our society is so sophisticated, we have become authorities on everything, or so we think. There’s no face to face with the actual makers of the products we consume, and therefore feel carte blanche to poop on things when we don’t like them. When the author of Acacia commented in my thread here on his book, I near had a heart attack, and I went back to scan my entry to see if it was insulting. Before, I could have given a hoot, he wasn’t a person to me, the book was there for me to consume and judge, end of story. Thank goodness I loved it 🙂

It might not be that articulate, but I guess I’m trying to say sorry for bashing your movie Mr. Bay. It may not be my favorite thing, but I feel I’ve experienced a tiny minuscule fraction of what you went through to make your movie, and although I didn’t love how your movie portrayed women, the movie was good fun, and to dismiss probably years of your life’s effort with a snarky blog entry probably didn’t give you the consideration you deserve. And I did like the robots smashing things.

There. I hope that cleanses my karma and someone doesn’t try to actually pee in my butt. :O

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