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Knocking my head against wall…


Ok, this will be the last of my frustrated technology posts.  They’re starting to bore me, so I know they’re boring other people too. LOL. But…I got the forums up!  Check them out!

I got a skin I like, although a few of the random pictures are hella cheesy, I think the layout and colors are nice.  00’s Nagel anyone? 🙂  After spending 3 hours trying to alter another skin and coming up with what looks like a rainbow vomit onto the screen, I think I did pretty good, since I combed through every skin I could find on the internet, thanks guys for the links.  I added some smilies for Dustin, and some really crappy avatars and I believe this will be the extent to which I will be dealing with the forums now.   My next task is to add a forum graphic and link to the blog here, but I just banged my head against the WordPress theme editor for hours, I don’t know my way around php very well, and I basically gave up as I started to break the Flog 🙂
After my movie is over this weekend I will start updating my and add a forums link to that as well as add the forums button to the blog too.  There will be a few weeks before we shoot the next Guild episode, we have availability issues with crew and cast, so I’ll have the time to maybe add cooler stuff to my acting site, after all, that’s the whole point of all of this!  Am I the only one who, when tweaking web stuff,  gets caught in a spiral of wanting to change stuff just to look new, of wanting to throw everything out and start new?  Tell me to stop it!  I need to remind myself, it’s not like putting on a new outfit, it’s like painting a house.  🙂

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