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Just figured out that Goodreads has a convenient “cut and paste review” feature for blogs, so thought I would post the last 5 books I’ve reviewed from there here!

The Wise Man's Fear (The Kingkiller Chronicle #2)The Wise Man’s Fear by Patrick Rothfuss

My rating: 5 of 5 stars


How much can I rave about these books? The storytelling is so engrossing, the worldbuilding super immersive, and the characters pull all the stellar elements together in a series that truly defines epic fantasy. You want to KNOW these characters, you want to see them interact, and you definitely want to go on a journey with them.

After reading a lot of paperback UF novels, I felt so pleased that this book provided what felt like 4 books-worth of story and development and wonderfulness for the price. If you are a fantasy fan and haven’t read this series, please try it, because you will LOVE IT.

The Dark Enquiry (Lady Julia, #5)The Dark Enquiry by Deanna Raybourn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Well I have a HUGE soft spot for this series. The last book was a TAD off for me, but very excited that this one took it back to awesomeville. In fact, it might be my favorite since the first two! I am absolutely in love with Lady Julia and her point of view. The writing is so impeccable, it really sets the Victorian tone, but at the same time we enjoy the POV of a modern, liberated woman. Most people try to shove modern sensibilities into history and make it WHOLLY unbelievable, but with these characters I really to buy into it. Love love the subtle humor.

The mystery in this installment is really intriguing, I was offguard a lot of the time following the plot and was immersed in the crime solving throughout. I loved Brisbane in this, I felt like his mysterious affliction is a bit weird but author sold it and I was VERY invested in the relationship now that they’re together. The romance was subtle, no R rated scenes, but very well done. I root for them as a couple, for sure, which is rare after you get them together.

The ending twist was sad, I kinda wish that hadn’t happened, but oh well, can’t wait for the next!!

Spectyr (Book of the Order, #2)Spectyr by Philippa Ballantine

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I really enjoy this author’s work! She’s pretty much on my must-buy list for well-done, light fantasy with a bit of romance that’s not too smutty (like Ilona Andrews). For those of you unfamiliar with the series, it’s sort of urban-fantasy-chick in a fantasy/slight-steampunk world with magic. Very cool combo. I think this series took a step up in world-building with this second episode, I was definitely interested in all the new stuff we learned through Merrick in particular. I enjoyed seeing Sorcha and Raed’s conflict/romance continue, I just love them together! Only criticism is that it felt short, I feel like I wanted more plot to happen with the Grand Duchess, and the end twist? But really, it was fun and I can’t wait for the next one!

Flirting With Danger (Samantha Jellicoe, #1)Flirting With Danger by Suzanne Enoch

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I feel like the author is a good writer and I was compelled to buy the second book in the series to check it out, but it was a little light for my tastes, more chick-lit than I usually read, but still enjoyable.

It’s definitely total mind candy of the UBER kind, just like shamelessly reading the Bachelorette, which is not TERRIBLE, right? 😀 The problem is that this series suffers from comparison to Nora Roberts’ In Death series (which, especially the first 3, are some of my ABSOLUTELY faves). We have a sexy billionaire with washboard abs and a cat burglar here, compared to a sexy billionaire and a cop in In Death. I mean, let’s be honest, most billionaires are too busy doing their own thing to work out and look like a soccer player, for realz GUYS!
I did enjoy the detail of the break-in cat burglar stuff, the main character was a bit too much of being perfect and having every thing in the world drop in her lap perfectly. It just…well, it’s a light version of In Death. Basically I believe that Eve and Roarke exist in my head because for some reason the author makes it plausible, however ridiculous it is on paper, and I just had a hard time believing this one.

THAT SAID I think the author did the romance really well, and her writing is strong, and I read the second one just because I was interested in where it was going. I see she does a LOT of historical romance, which I LOVE, so I think I’m gonna try her out on that end, I anticipate great victory!

Don't Look Down (Samantha Jellicoe, #2)Don’t Look Down by Suzanne Enoch

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I can’t deny staying up SUPER late reading this and the previous book, it was really addictively page-turning brain candy, although I’m a bit mad at myself for it, haha. I got a bit annoyed that WAY too many times the main character was enjoying riding around in a Bentley, because I get annoyed at glamorizing rich people and their stuff. I did thing the emotional depth was way better in this installment from the first, and I liked where the relationship was going (but can we drop the whole romance trope of an unearthly amazing guy basically dropping everything in his life INCLUDING HIS BILLIONAIRE BUSINESS to chase after a lady? Oh, and then she wants her “freedom” and he struggles with it but ends up giving her everything she wants and then some, including amazing sex all the time and sinewy muscles. Oh and Bentleys. UGH.) I will pick up the next one prolly down the line, because the chemistry between the characters is really good.

The mystery was well put together, and I liked the bitchy rich wife, and I’m definitely thinking people might really like these books if you like the lighter chick-lit-y mystery/urban fantasy-type stuff. It’s just not normally my thing. In fact, I’m going to read a hard Sci-Fi book where people get blown up and don’t drive Bentleys.

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