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Me + Video Games, ETC!


So, I’ve been working hard and I guess it’s paying off, yay!  I have FOUR projects coming out this month, three video game and one movie, so I thought I’d make a blog post giving you a heads up and dates and all!


Official Release date announced: OCTOBER 30th, Saturday night!  This is gonna be really fun, and if we can beat Sharktopus (with your help!) I would really be gleeful, so please set your DVR!!!  I worked out a lot for this part, so please please tune in! 🙂


Finally got a release date for this project:  October 19th (same as Fallout?!!?)  This game is from an independent studio, and is just really really fun.  You basically kill zombies with a guitar/drum controller.  I actually got to get my hands on it at E3.  When they pitched it to me to do a voice role (the lead girl character!), I was immediately drawn in by the idea that you could use your Rock Band/Guitar Hero controllers for something OTHER than those games!  GENIUS!  Who doesn’t have 4 of those instruments lying around!  The gameplay is cheesy fun, co-op is a blast too, and Neil Patrick Harris and I reunite to do the lead voices together, so actually…what is the DOWNSIDE here?!  The initial release is for Xbox and PS3.

The game has a new trailer on their website, and please pre-order at Amazon or Gamestop, these numbers will help this indie studio!


Well, when one of your favorite game franchises calls up and offers you a part AS A COMPANION, what do you do?  Well, I had a heart attack, and then I calmly said, “Yes, please.”  I am sooo lucky to be voicing the character of “Veronica Santangelo” in the new Fallout game.  I can’t tell you how exciting this is, the fact that I’m a playable companion with HUNDREDS of lines of dialogue is absolutely a dream come true.  So on October 19th (the same day as Rock of the Dead actually) pick up a copy and enjoy killing me off if you want, haha. 🙂

Check out their website for tons of dev diaries, etc…and lots of pre-order links here, it’s gonna be worth it.  I would be first in line if I wasn’t IN it already!


Riese is an AWESOME Steampunk web series that was briefly released last year, but was pulled to redo it’s distribution.  They’ve just announced over at NewTeeVee that not only is the series re-cut and ready to roll out on later this year, but that I am doing voiceover for their iPhone/iPad game!  It’s a REALLY cool project, not only because a game integrated with a web series is an amazing idea.  They’ve done a great job with it and I can’t wait for it to be released! (No set release date yet, but soon, I will update!
Whew! That’s a lot of stuff this month, but I really appreciate your supporting my work, thank you in advance, and let me know how you enjoy it!

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