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So, the end of the year is looming large, and I’ve decided I need to come up with an organized goals list for this year.  Last year was really good for me because I was part of a little support group of women, from which good things sprung, like The Guild! 🙂  For the last few months however, my organization and discipline has waned, as has my general contentedness level.  I think the two are very much linked.  When I actually checked off my “Vitamin” and “Exercise” and “10 min of Creative Writing” from my Remember The Milk online to-do list every day, I felt so much better about myself, in control of my life and not under the control of my whims.  Jan 1 is a good day to revisit all that, I think.

I recently stumbled across Day Zero: 101 things to do in 1001 days and I think this might be my template.  A little part of me shudders to think I’m actually thinking of planning 2 1/2 years in advance! :O  But the other part of me feels like the whole drifting through life thing is getting old, and a small plan for my life might not be a bad idea.  So, before Jan 1 I will be posting my list on this blog and will be updating on my progress!   If anyone else does this, please link them here and I’ll figure out a way to link them on the blog somewhere.  The more support the better! 🙂

But gosh, 101 things is a lot.  Guess that’s #1 on my interum list!  I know for a fact that writing a fantasy novel will be one of the big items on my list.  I’ve been toying around with trying to substitute an hour of video gaming with an hour of bad novel writing on the weekends, so I’ve been doing some brainstorming and referencing books I like to try to turn the process into a relaxing hobby rather than a “make the best novel ever written!” ultimatum:  How I usually approach stuff.   I just started this musing on Saturday, and then JenWriter, writer of a blog I love to read, just sent me a link to this fab list of writing/creative inspiration links yesterday – 101 OF THEM!  OMG CAN THE COINCIDENCES BE ANY STRONGER IN FAVOR OF THE LIST!?!?!
JenWriter: Writing, Reading and Blogging » 101 Resources on the Web for Writers and Bloggers

Also, her latest entry is on how you can help the WGA strike, a fantastic post with many actionable things to do to support the writers.  Check it out.

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