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OMG My Nintendo Party Rocked!


I can’t believe I’m getting around to blogging about my Nintendo “Girlfriend’s Guild To Gaming” party just now!   If I look back on the last three overwhelming weeks, I think those 4 hours of playing DS, drinking champagne and hanging out with my girlfriends was the last time I didn’t have my stomach wound into a knot of stress, so thank you Bre and all your crew for that!  

Basically, part of my being chosen a “Nintendo Ambassador” was a party to be thrown for me and my girlfriends. (Again, I am not getting paid for anything, just the opportunity to try out DS games in advance and other DS goodies) Who could say no to that?!   I just had to invite people and show up.  Easy.  Well, for most humans.   I don’t actually THROW a lot of parties because at any party I’ve hosted I’m always totally neurotic and uptight, in people’s faces asking them “Are you having a good time?  How about now?  What can I do for you?!?!?!”   Then the next day, I send out apology emails for not having paid attention to individuals I didn’t chat with enough.   Yes, I’m insane.   And that’s another blog entry.

Anyway, this one had everything taken care of for me.  I just had to arrive.  Ahhh, sigh of relief!  When I got to the party I didn’t know what to expect at all, I just knew that my friends, most of whom NEVER game, would show up and be introduced to how the DS works through several game stations.   I know for a fact that at least 5 woosy girls had “other excuses” because the idea of gaming was so weird and foreign to them.  Too bad for them, I say! 

The party was BEAUTIFUL!  In a lofty old Spanish building, 4 adorable couches laid out, and a DS game for each “station” with a trained DS instructor, alert and ready to walk any gaming neophytes through the steps of kicking butt in Mario Cart, or, say, scoring age 79 on Brain Age like…some people.  (Defense:  I had some champagne.)  I can’t tell you the vicarious thrill I got when I got blown off by a friend because she was too into Planet Puzzle League to talk about her new puppy, or how cool it was that we were able to network 8 people together on DS lites and compete in Mario Cart! (FYI, Robin (Clara from the Guild) had obviously trained hard for that one, total ringer. She smashed everyone as Yoshi and just giggled. Beeyach. )  I know that there were a LOT of reluctant gamers at that party, and to see them be totally sucked into the DS was just cool.  I corrupted them! 🙂  The coup de tete was at the end of the night, when a DS was presented to each and every guest.   There was some “Price Is Right” screaming.  Actually, a lot of it (Yes, Brooke, I’m talking about you!)

 The cool thing about the whole experience is that I KNOW that everyone had their perceptions about video gaming and how they would use it in their lives changed.  Girls aren’t really encouraged to see gaming as a viable hobby as a kid, and the older you get, the less likely you would pick up something like that.  So now, there are some very happy girls/women/mommies from the Felicia Day database!   A quote from my friend Natasha in an email: “Okay, first of all, I am OBSESSED with my DS. Seriously, I love it. I have yet to buy another game, but the fact that I’m consider it, is huge cause for alarm. I buy a DS game and the next, I’m part of the Guild! ”  Great, destroying lives anew, yay!

At the end of the night, two Wii stations were revealed, and there were some fierce tennis slapped down.  It’s just a wonder how many girls had WANTED to try a Wii, but never been in a situation that they could get their hands on it.   Clearly, my next party. 🙂 DDR pad, Guitar Hero, Mario Party (If I ever get to Best Buy and purchase it, shame on them for closing today for a HOLIDAY!  The good thing is I think NOW they would actually show.  Before, they would have “other plans”.   Since I’ve run into a few of my friends who went, ALL of them had their DS lites on them in their purses.  A few even said that their boyfriends were whining that they got light pink ones because they wanted to steal them.  Haha.  Own’d.  Find your own Nintendo Ambassador!  Anyway, good time had by all.  Can’t wait to have more games to review!

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