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Orgasmic Pizza


While I was contemplating a list for my life (see below post) I decided that I was hungry for something crazy indulgent.   AKA, the best F#$* pizza in the world:  Pizzeria Mozza

I didn’t have my camera with me, so I’m linking this picture from some stranger dude’s flickr account, but OH BOY, is this pizza the best stuff I’ve ever had!

We ordered two pizzas.  Neither was this pizza pictured above, but the crisp crust goodness you see displayed is exactly what we chomped on.  You can’t imagine biting into one of those air bubbles, surrounded by crisp, salty crust.  You crunch, and then reach the chewy soft innards.  Perfect combination of all taste sensations.  And that’s just the crust.

Tonight we got one meat lovers: pepperoni, house-made sausage and guancile (bacon from the jowel of the pig?  Gross sounding but it’s DElicious), and then I ordered the MOST FABULOUS one:  Squash Blossom with fresh burrata cheese scooped on right before serving.  You guys, this pizza was unspeakably good.  I ate until I almost vomited.  That good.   I usually get the one with hot red chilies, no cheese, and white anchovies (I hear the groans now but, whatever.  Fresh anchovies are amazing)  but I have no regrets about getting something different.  The experience was worth the risk.   Oh, boy was it ever.

They have this butterscotch pudding with SEA SALT on top that’s the best dessert I can imagine, but after I stuffed all 4 slices of squash blossom in my mouth I wasn’t feeling the room for more.  As I type…I’m regretting not getting one to-go.  If you’re in LA and have one place to go, make it Mozza.

So, in light of that lecture I watched earlier today, trying to think of life as a lesson, I think that, if the meal I just ate shortened my life by 1 hour….it was totally worth it. 😀

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