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Well, I finally found a skin I loved for the blog here and it isn’t working.  Sigh.  For some reason the proper colors on the left sidebar don’t show up, even though the code looks like it should work.  I installed it on another abandonded wordpress installation I have, and it totally works, so it’s weird and frustrating and I WANT TO BE ABLE TO USE WIDGETS!

Deep breathing.

I realized last week during a not so stellar improv show performance, that I need to do more non-acting things.  When I first started doing improv, I was just out of college, and had a lot of non-Hollywood experiences to draw on.  I think it made my sub conscience more varied and diverse, and a better variety of things would pop to mind when I was on stage.  I’ve been acting professionally almost 8 years now, and I feel like I’m in a bit of a rut with the improv, because my daily tasks are narrower in their scope than they were when I was studying 8 different subjects a semester (I wasn’t exactly good about adhering to the recommended plan 🙂 ).  So, I decided to sit down and list the things that I would like to start learning, to broaden my life :

  • WordPress theme programming
  • Kung Fu (Non-contact because I’m wussy)
  • Chinese and/or another exotic language
  • Final Cut (to be able to edit movies of my cats)
  • Novel Writing
  • History of Myth/Folklore
  • A Poetry Class, preferably the Romantics
  • Lockpicking
  • Yo-Yo (Mahalo Daily inspired)
  • Art History/Chinese Brush Painting/Watercolor
  • Sushi Preparation
  • Folk Dancing
  • Trapeze
  • Firearms (My Dad was always trying to get me to go in Texas, damn!)
  • Sewing (especially pants for some reason)
  • Hair cutting

Ok, well, that’s a long list.  I need to pick 2 things for now until the end of the year to experiment with. Good thing is, some of these things are not available in class form per-se, and others require too much work/equipment to actually start.   Does anyone else have a desire to learn something weird?   Maybe I can inspire a few people to join me in a “learn something out of the ordinary” November 🙂

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