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Post-Guild Season 3


Well, we wrapped season 3 of The Guild! Yay! I can’t tell you what an up and down journey it’s been, I’ve been living and breathing this season since I sat down to brainstorm story ideas in March/April, so it’s strange to realize that it’s all finally “in the can” er…”on the drive”. 🙂

I cannot say much about the shoot because I want it all to be a cool surprise for viewers, but I definitely learned a few lessons in web video, namely, make sure you have the locations BEFORE you write! I wrote a very ambitious script, and it’s going to be very cool, but the logistics of finding places to legally shoot were very challenging and stressful, so next season I will double check before I go “EXT.” anything! It’s a hard lesson to learn, but every crew member and cast member is so invested in making the show great, that we overcame hurdles that would have sidelined a less passionate production, so I’m eternally thankful to each and every one of them 🙂

Now…post production. Ack! Director Sean Becker will be rushing to get a cut of Episode 1 ready for our Comicon Panel (July 24th from 10:30am-11:30am in room 5AB!) and the whole cast will be there. It’s going to be an amazing panel, I assure you. We have another extra special video we’ll be showing, and I am gleeful at the idea of people seeing it for the first time, it’s going to be awesome!!!

At the same time, my producer Kim Evey and I are organizing for conventions, starting with Comicon next week. I can’t believe it’s here so quickly! I will be posting a very detailed schedule of Guild activities on The Guild website in the next few days, but we are doing a lot of cool things, like signing in the Xbox booth after our panel on Friday, and doing “Game with Fame” as well!

Otherwise, we have our OWN BOOTH we’re splitting with awesome RPG writer Jamie Chambers, who is premiering the Supernatural RPG, so there’s lots to check out in booth #4417 all week. We have cast signings every day at least once a day scheduled. We’ll have DVDs and Tee shirts and cast photos (we’re asking everyone to purchase one item if they want things signed because the booth is quite expensive, as is getting the cast down to San Diego). Like I said, a comprehensive list will be on the Guild website by Friday. Follow @theguild on Twitter for other announcements, we have fun stuff planned!

I’m also very excited also about the Dollhouse screening of Epitaph One, the unaired episode, that I have a guest starring part in. (I will try to sneak in the back of that one 🙂 ) That panel is 4pm on Friday. It’s a wonderful WONDERFUL episode that is going to knock fans’ socks off, kudos to Maurissa and Jed, the writers who also wrote a song in the episode that is amazing! The whole thing is gonna cause a big splash and it’s cool to be involved with it in any way 🙂

Down the line, we’re prepping for a few other conventions, like DragonCon and a few others, and I just agreed to do Farpoint convention in Maryland in FEBRUARY! Finally a Northeast event! But gosh, who every thought I’d be planning my life that far down the line? I didn’t. Ah well, might as well ride the wave, placid seas are always on the horizon 🙂

It seems like just yesterday that I was going to Comicon for the first time, Dr Horrible had just come out. What a crazy year I’ve had! BTW, Dr. Horrible is being screened by the California Browncoats Thursday night at 8pm at Comicon, so check it out if you’re interested.

Ok, off to punch my to-do list in the face 🙂

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