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In a few weeks I will be able to speak a LOT more about something I’ve literally been working on since LAST MARCH.  So…I’m not talking about it more 😉  Rather, here’s a list of random things I’m enjoying lately between working!


My friend @Lbartsch linked this series to me last week before I went on vacation.  I hadn’t heard about it, but on first click my corset drama obsession reared it’s ugly head, and I watched all the episodes streaming on PBS.  GREAT acting, wonderful scripts, obsess-worthy characters.  Upstairs Downstairs in TV form, I’ve heard unedited versions can be purchased on iTunes as well, so…I think I will go to there 🙂

I discovered Alastair Reynolds over my holiday, and I AM OBSESSED.  House of Suns is a stand-alone I believe, but the author has a body of work I’m gonna start lapping up as you can tell from my effusive House of Suns Goodreads Review.  Between this author and Iain Banks, I feel like I’m in my own personal sci-fi revival!  Now I’m obsessed with writing my own sci-fi web series 🙂


A better browser game I haven’t played in a long time. Many screenshots and text pictures between me and a few friends trying to beat each others’ scores. I have yet to win, but the fun of it is monumental. Strangely, the game is even MORE fun on iPad/iPhone. Love when that happens 🙂


I just went to Maui for 6 days and I used this crap all over every day, didn’t get burned at all. I used a zinc/titanium dioxide physical sunscreen on my face (since that is the only 100% way to block the rays according to my dad) but for a spray, this kept my fish underbelly white skin crystal clear!
Hana Maui Hotel View
Gross, another social network. I’m kinda sick of providing my personal content to inflate someone’s service, but really knocks it out of the park with photo sharing, much better than the abysmal yfrog and twitpic. Also the filters make you feel like you’re fancy, even when you’re not. This is a service that Flickr should have provided a year ago for mobile users. It better get something going soon, or Instagram will fill the void totally! Of course FAIL PART: I can’t link a picture in my account here because it’s totally mobile SO I HAD TO UPLOAD IT TO FLICKR. Ugh, GUYS PLEASE BE COMPREHENSIVE SOON! 🙂

Shaky Alibi

I will assert that this might be the best cappuccino in LA. The foam is just so good. And try the Belgian Liege waffles while you’re there, I guess they’re the only place in town that makes them fresh. Mmmm!

This Video
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Oh BTW, we’re doing a Guild Comic and Season 4 launch signing at Barnes and Noble in LA, at The Grove this month! Feb 22, 7pm, Q/A then signing. Come say hi, various other cast members will be there!

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