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Sad internet story!


I had given up tonight on having anything to blog about.  I’m in a really stressed out mood lately and decided to pass an hour before bed web surfing.  One of my favorite places to waste five minutes is home of cutie kitties and puppies and other adorable animals.  There was a video linked there: YouTube – pretty please.  It’s a tiny kitten begging to get inside the house, and a woman talking to her.  Now, admittedly, there’s something heartbreaking about this video.   The little kitty wants in so bad, and there’s a sadness in this woman’s voice, they grey video, it all adds up to something a little depressing.  By the end of the video you’re like, screaming at the screen “LET HER IN LADY!!”  Out of curiousity, I wanted to see if other people had this irrational reaction to the video, and went to the actual YouTube page.  In the description of the video, a looooong essay was written, starting with:


i would love to explain about my kitties to someone.. as i have received so much hate in the last 24 hours since someone posted my youtube up at cuteoverload.. i can’t keep up with it.. and it honestly is very hard, very hurtful.. so thanks to those who asked about tabitha & sabrina.. i’ve tried posting in the comments but no one reads them and there’s a space 2000 i was very ill with anorexia and my husband said for mother’s day we’d get what i wanted most.. 2 kitten….

It goes on from there.  Basically this woman writes a tome defending herself from the horrible things that people have written about her with regards to the kitten.  From what I gather, this woman has gone through a lot, and clearly all the hate mail has affected her badly.   I felt horrible for her, because in part, I reacted the same way those haters did emotionally, I just didn’t give a personal voice to it.

Starting with that girl who killed herself from being harassed on MySpace, up to the small things I receive about my own web show in YouTube comments and other places, I’ve been very philosophical about the internet lately.  It’s strange how small it makes the world, how 20 comments can seem like an avalanche if they are strangers saying them.   I mean, if Citizen Kane were on the internet today, what would the comments say?

That dude is fat and ugly!  WTF, GET OFF THE SCREEN!


HAHHAAHA Rosebud is her vajayz!  ROFLZ!

I guess it’s just realizing that making the web your community,  because our own communities are too big to really feel a part of anymore, is great if you remember that just because people are vocal, doesn’t make them right.  Good or bad comments 🙂

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