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Season 6 Episode 2: New Party Members


Episode 2 is here!  This was a very hard episode to edit, namely because of the scourge of film shooting: TABLE SCENES.  You’d think, “Everyone sitting around a table, that’s the easiest scene, right?” OMG NOOOO.  For every person around that table, you have to have an eyeline between any characters that speak, that means WAY more setups of the camera position than you’d ever think. And if someone moves?  MORE EYELINES!  We actually shot this scene after shooting the HUGE steadi-cam entrance to The Game scene from episode 1, so frankly: That was a bitch of a day.

BUT it all turned out well, Roy (Derek) is such a great character, I want more of him onscreen every time I see him.  I actually rewrote this episode many different ways, but had to cut a bunch out.  Because, as important as the Game Team is, it’s really about our main characters, so exploring who the new people are had to be spread out a lot more than I initially thought to balance the Guild stories properly.  I think this season will actually work the best as a movie of all the seasons in the end, but making sure every episode felt full was a goal as well.

I love to read comments from people on the video about how ‘short’ the episodes are, because they discovered the show by watching episodes back to back, or even cut together as a movie on Geek and Sundry or Netflix.  The irony is that when we started the show, there was a rule in the very young industry that videos shouldn’t be longer than 2-3 minutes, MAX (the length of episode 1 season 1!).  We push the budget envelope with our script every year, and this year it is 100% the longest script we ever shot: On LESS budget actually.  SO, it’s a big compliment but also very frustrating to have people want much longer episodes.  The great thing is: this one is almost 10 minutes!!!  Next week is shorter, but has hysterical stuff, so I hope you enjoy!


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