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When I was a kid, I was pretty obsessed with personality tests; Numerology, Astrology, all the things that could tell me who I was as a person.  I particularly remember a passage in my Chinese Horoscope that said that people born under my sign would have their worse career “doing any sort of manual labor.” LOL

I’ve pretty much stopped doing these tests, but one from a BBC site caught my eye because of the recent discussion about “strong women” and sexual stereotypes in life and literature, so I had to do it.

Male/Female Brain Test

This series of tests claims to identify the “sex” of your brian. You can be male and have a female brain, and vice versa. There are 6 steps to identifying it, everything from a survey about behavior to spacial tests, it’s really fun, definitely worth the time.

So I finish it, and the results come back on a linear grid, from 100 to 0 on the female side, and 0 to 100 on the male side. Guess what I found out!?


Yes.  That’s right. On a scale from 100 to 0 in the female direction, and 0 to 100 on the male direction,
I scored a ZERO!!!!!

As you can imagine, I was pretty disheartened, I mean, scoring a zero on a brain exam is pretty depressing as it is, but having absolutely no sexual orientation to my brain makes me question those times I looked through a Victoria’s Secret catalogue;  makes me paranoid that maybe I was looking at the bodies instead of the bras.

Of course, the argument could be made that I have the PERFECT MENTAL BALANCE of female/male characteristics.  Maybe that’s why I’m so good at Tetris and my Mom made me get a math degree.  I just hope one of you is a non-gay man with a score of zero to make me feel better.  Oh hell, who am I fooling. No one else is gonna admit it. 😀

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