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Speed Tips?


Here I am all excited to play the Hellgate beta for only the second time since I got a key, when I run into the deadly re-download. NOOOO! Why they make me redownload 4 gigs and not patch it, I don’t know. But, I started the download, and promptly ran into a problem I haven’t had in a while: Speed Envy. My brother, with a cable modem, is outclocking my download by 3 TIMES! I can’t get over 93 kb speed, and he’s over 300! Now, I’m supposed to have the middle speed DSL from AT&T, fastest isn’t available in my area :(, and I’ve noticed that my connection is REALLY slow compared to other lines I’ve logged onto. So, in a fit of outrage as my speed stalled and his whizzed ahead of me, I called tech support.

Why, oh why, did I bother. I disposed of 49 minutes of my life as a semi-helpful man read from a manual and told me to do asinine things to my computer, at one point blaming my laggy connection on a single piece of DoubleClick spyware. He tried to pawn me off on a variety of other departments at the end, only to find they were “experiencing high call volume”; translate to “asleep or not picking up the phone.” So, what did I end up with? Having to start my download ALL OVER AGAIN because he told me to restart my computer, and had absolutely NO INSTRUCTIONS after that, like a restart would magically solve my speed problems.

So, can anyone give me tips to speed up my connection? I would even switch companies, I swear. Too bad I don’t have the budget for a T1 line. Oh wow. If I were a big movie star, I wouldn’t buy Prada bags, I’d get a T1 line into the house. 🙂

Sigh. 16%.

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