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I’m crazy swamped, but I wanted to post a little something about The Streamy Awards, a fantastic night to celebrate web video!  I commented to a friend of mine, “It’s like we became the cool kids for one night!”  All the web video people dressed to the nines, all these Hollywood people lined up to get into our party!  Crazy!

I was honored (and a bit flabbergasted) to win Best Actress in a Comedy (over some hilarious women I admire) and The Guild took Best Comedy Web Series and Best Ensemble in a Web Series.  WOOT!  Full list of winners at the Streamys website.  We couldn’t have been in the running without our donors, it’s quite an honor to have been supported through Season 1 by viewers, so my most heartfelt thanks goes out to everyone who donated, or linked the video.  It’s a real democratic win I feel 🙂  The Guild cast had a great time too, it makes me proud to have created something that makes my actors get recognized, LOL.

Dr. Horrible racked up MANY awards, as it should have!  I was very torn during the whole process, especially with the Audience Award (which was of course taken by Dr. Horrible! 🙂 ), so I tried not to personally promote one project over another, even though The Guild is my baby.  My conscience is cleaner for it.  And Joss and Neil were there in person to accept their awards, with Joss’ wife Kai and Maurissa, one of the writers of Dr. H.  They all rock and I love them so much!  For me, Dr. Horrible was the reason that web video is blowing up, pure and simple.  Without Joss going outside the system and getting mainstream attention, web video would never be where it is today, I truly believe that.

There are many pics of the event (Here’s the Official Flickr Photo Collection for The Streamys.)  Thanks to all who tuned into the live stream, hopefully the video will be posted soon to link the acceptance speeches etc.  Below is an interview I did with Kodak that was very nicely edited before and after the awards.  I will never forget that night, it was an amazing experience.  Now…back to work 🙂

This Girl Does It All – The Fabulous Felicia Day from Mary Rambin on Vimeo.

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