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Strangely enough, I clicked on a Dr. Horrible link in my daily “Felicia Day” Google Alert email (YES, I Google Alert myself, it’s not narcissism, it’s BUSINESS 😛 ) and lo and behold the official fan site for Dr. Horrible is up and running here!   Wow, when Joss said this would be a “little internet project” I guess maybe I took him at face value a little too much, haha.  Pretty exciting to see him already turning the internet upside down, and people so interested,  so early on!

Looking at this site made me think:  Goddamned I need a new website!  They put that great place together in like, a week!  I mean in comparison this place is pretty ghettolicious.  I need to flip my blog over to my main directory and have the whole site be a WordPress platform.  I have some skins I’ve looked at adopting, but nothing makes me happy.  I guess is the narcissism and modesty fighting tooth and nail in my head.  I don’t want my cheesy face slap-dab in the center of people’s screens when they log onto my site, but when I play with a skin WITHOUT that, I’m like “Well, am I an actress or not?!  Show your mug woman!”  And…and I have no time for anything so…oh well.  Summer project 🙁  If anyone finds a skin I could easily adapt like this layout, let me know.   That site is brilliantly laid out!

Total separate issue, I was hunting around and found a “behind the scenes” little video from a project I did in the past, it will remain nameless.  Someone was just filming the set and happened to pick up a conversation.   I wasn’t in the video, but it showed some of the actors hanging out waiting to shoot, and saying some stuff that they wouldn’t necessarily want thrown on the internet, at least I wouldn’t if it was me.  I was pretty disturbed by that.  I mean, when you’re hanging out waiting to work, you don’t think that a private conversation would be broadcast to the world, but when people are interested in what you’re doing, especially actors, it seems like it’s fair game to do whatever with their privacy.    I don’t have the cleanest mouth, I like to say “balls” a lot, but if a video of me cussing like a sailor got out there, which I’m sure there’s one out there from improv at least, it could hurt the way some people think about me.  I dunno, it just seemed pretty lame to throw this unnamed clip on the internet without permission.   And made me think…I need to look out for cameras when I’m cussing.  HAHA. 🙂

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