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It’s my birthday today!  So…I’ve been working all day. 🙂  I had a wonderful birthday party yesterday, so I got my celebration over with early.  It was kinda the best party ever:  Rock Band 2 set up in the living room, Rock Band Beatles set up in the rear of the house, and Mario Cart 4 player set up in the guest bedroom.  Gamers dream!  Oh, and I hired a hot dog truck to come by and serve everyone hot dogs and tater tots covered in cheese sauce.  NOM’D!

It’s been a while since I updated the blog and putting aside the guilt I feel, there is no possible way I could have posted something before now.  From January to June has been a complete blur, to the point where at a few points I wasn’t sure I could keep going (FYI, being hospitalized for exhaustion is something I COMPLETELY sympathise with now!  Before, I just thought it was an excuse for drug addition or something, LOL.)  But the woods are now clear and the whole of Season 4 of The Guild is now on hard drives and being edited as we speak!   We’re up to episode 5 and I am so extremely excited to share this season with you, I really love the episodes and feel like we’ve added some really fun storylines and characters you’ll enjoy.  Release date is July 13th on Xbox/MSN, if you haven’t heard.

Also the comic books are all three released now, and we have a new shirt coming out for Season 4, so we have lots of great stuff to offer in our Comicon booth this year!  Thanks to Jamie Chambers, our booth sharer, we got a corner booth in a really prime spot, so for those of you who visited our hole-in-the-wall tiny booth last year, I hope you’ll be pleased!

I haven’t been doing a lot of interviews lately, because frankly I’m sick of talking about myself.  I love that people are interested in what I’m doing, but if I don’t have something new to say I feel like I’m wasting people’s time.  That’s why I’m just concentrating on getting The Guild season made as great as possible, and developing new web series.   Yay!  Kim Evey and I are working on several things and are inching towards the time we can get funding and announce stuff.  Just the idea of working on something new in between Guild seasons makes me excited to keep plugging away.  Thinking about new characters and getting a chance to breathe from 24/7 Guild for 3 years is actually making me excited to GO BACK and starting thinking about season 5.  Weird how a break can inspire you like that.

Anyway, I did do the below interview over A YEAR ago, and Mortified has finally released it.  If you don’t know about it, Get Mortified is a hilarious stage show about people reading embarrassing things from their childhood.  They have two great books out and are branching out into video now!  I was one of the first interviews, but they’ve just recently gotten around to releasing them.  I admit, I’m a bit embarrassed about the video, but I guess that’s the point, LOL.

I will be blogging a bit more now that I have some freeER time, I still have those sci-fi books that you recommended to review, as well as some great fantasy books I’ve picked up.  Cracking the whip on myself, I promise!!

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