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I’m looking at that goddamned list I made up, 101 ways to torture yourself, and I’m failing on so many levels, two weeks in!  O M G!  It needs a total revamp!  All those recurring things can never give me a feeling of accomplishment, because they aren’t cross-outable until the end of 1001 days!  Why didn’t I see that before!?  Everyone, take the lesson I have learned and make sure the items on your own list are QUANTIFIABLE and finite.  Jeez.

I am proceeding with the actual doable ones while I replace the guilt evoking ones, and have knocked #47 and #48 off the list.    Yay, I feel good about myself again!  #47 was done through an accountant, who helped me set up a retirement plan through my corporation.  Yes, I have a corporation.  I’m “the man.” 😀  The reason is, actors have such a high percentage of their income flowing out to deductible business expenses, with 10% going to an agent and 10% going to a manager and sometimes 5% going to a lawyer (for fancier actors than myself) plus classes etc., that they invariably get caught paying a buttload of extra money because of AMT.  That is, if you make enough money acting, LOL.  One day Congress might fix that rim job of a middle-class tax, but alas, they can’t seem to do it anytime soon.  They sure take care of that top 1% of earners though, especially the ones who make money through dividends and capital gains!  That’s another rant though.   Anyway, that knocks off #47.  Now I just have to get the money in the account.  And there’s a strike on.  Yikes!

For #48 – Save $100 dollars a month, I did the smart and easy thing.  I opened an ING account.  No, not IGN, the great gaming site that I always accidentally type in first.  The one with the high yield savings accounts.  I looked into other online banks with a higher rate but I went with the most “well know” company, because internet banking makes me pretty nervous in theory.  When I started getting appointments for ING commercials I guess it legitimized them in my eyes, haha.   I set it up to withdraw $100 dollars a month from my checking account automatically, so I don’t have to think about it and thus give myself the opportunity to avoid depositing it and spending it instead on, say…shoes.

This weekend I’ll be working on revamping my list. Oh, and I scratched off #15 too, “Carry a Notepad”.  I bought a kick ass moleskin planner with a notebook in the back and then hot glued some pretty, not very weatherproof art paper on the front.  I’m not a very good long-term thinker.  As this post demonstrates. 😀

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