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There have been a lot of celebrity Twitter listings appearing in the news lately. Pardon my snideness, but what Britney Spears’ people are posting under her name isn’t that interesting to me. 🙂 To round out the snarkiness, I WAS flattered by being included on a few of the lists, but for my own Twitter purposes if I’m following a stranger, I’m much more interested in what the more tech people and authors are doing. Personal preference. (If you ARE in to “celebrity” Twitterers, check out CelebrityTweet).

It’s relatively easy to find who the tech movers and shakers are and if they have a Twitter (of course all of them do). Check Twitterholic for the top followed users. Almost all are the “Techigentsia” of the web. On the flip side there are many authors are on Twitter but hard to find, because they aren’t as widely followed. The Twitter directories out there now are pretty sparse, because generally they’re listing people who self-submit themselves.

I recently Twittered and asked for people to send me well-known authors they followed and got a WHOLE MESS of recommendations! Thanks to all who sent me Tweets back! I went through ALL of them and pulled out authors who I have read, or are familiar with their work and am listing them here to help other people who are fans find them as well! By NO MEANS is this comprehensive, I’m just filtering it through my own knowledge base and the info I was forwarded (Clearly my tastes go towards Urban Fantasy, Sci-Fi etc) so feel free to post in comments with more info. That way I can add people to my list who I’m familiar with, and others can find more through your comments! 🙂 Hope you enjoy!!

Fantasy/Sci-Fi Authors
Ann Aguirre @ann_aguirre
Elizabeth Bear @matociquala
Tobias Buckell @tobiasbuckell
Cory Doctorow @doctorow
Diane Duane @dduane
Warren Ellis @warrenellis
Neil Gaiman @neilhimself
Holly Lisle @hollylisle
John Scalzi @scalzi
William Shunn @shunn
Scott Sigler @scottsigler
Bruce Sterling @bruces

Urban Fantasy
Kelley Armstrong @KelleyArmstrong
Rachel Caine @rachelcaine
Laurel K. Hamilton @LKHamilton
P J Haarsma @thesoftwire
Sherrilyn Kenyon @sherrilynkenyon
Caitlin Kittredge @caitkitt
Richelle Mead @richellemead
Patti O’Shea @Patti_OShea
Tim Pratt @timpratt
Lilith Saintcrow @lilithsaintcrow
Jeri-Smith Ready @jsmithready
Lisa Shearin @lisashearin

John Cleese @johncleese
Stephen Fry @stephenfry
John Hodgman @hodgman
John Lithgow @John_Lithgow

Tasha Alexander @talexander
Jonathan Carroll @JSCarroll
Cherie Priest @cmpriest

Mignon Fogarty @grammargirl
Shannon Okey @knitgrrl
Phil Plait @badastronomer
Wil Wheaton @wilw

Brian M. Bendis @brianmbendis
Ivan Brandon @ivanbrandon
Ed Brubaker @brubaker
Paul Cornell @Paul_Cornell
Valerie D’Orazio @ohsuperheroine
DC Comics @dc_nations
Andy Diggle @andydiggle
Danny Donovan @dannydonovan
Matt Fraction @mattfraction
David Gallaher @davidgallaher
Kieron Gillen @bremxjones
Adam Koford @apelad
Brian Lynch @BrianLynch
Marvel @Marvel
Bryan Lee O’Malley @radiomaru
Brian Reed @BrianReed
Rick Remender @remender
Ben Templesmith @templesmith
Brian Wood @brianwood

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