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So many people expressed their enthusiasm but newness to Twitter in comments to my last post that I wanted to compile some helpful links: Everything from searching to finding people to follow, and making it easier to integrate Twitter into your web life.   I found that after I got my iPhone, my dependence on Twitter changed from night to day because Twitterific and Twinkle make it so easy to keep in touch.
Here are some fun resources for you:

  • Twitter Search is a great tool for searching Twitter.  Some people are unaware that if you don’t START a Twitter reply to someone with an @theirID, then that the person won’t see it in their replies tab.  This search engine, formally Summarize and recently bought by Twitter, makes it easy to search all Twitters for anything you’re looking for, including lost replies directed to you.
  • Better, if you’re lazy like me, you can automatically search all Twitters and have them sent to your inbox like a Google Alert with TweetBeep.  Very convenient.
  • Added due to smart comment:  Linking your Twitter to your Facebook Update is as easy as installing the Facebook Twitter App.  During installation it will ask you if you want to tie the two together.
  • Desktop ways to keep track of Twitter include  Digsby (PC only) and Twhirl which are very popular.  Digsby includes Facebook and email alert options, Twhirl focuses more on microblogging sites.
  • It’s not as useful in a huge city like LA, but Twitter Local can show Twitters in an area you designate.  Along with the iPhone apps Loopt and Twinkle, that show you people in your area, location-based Twitter tracking could be cool for finding local Twitterers.
  • TwitPic lets you post photos to Twitter and replies to your photo show up automatically as @ replies to the poster.  Very cool and convenient, especially while posting with an iPhone through Twitterific.  It’s automatic, takes your pic from your iphone and you can easily posted (sideways, but oh well, they have a few bugs to fix, haha).
  • Picking who to follow is hard when you first start out.   Twitterholic and TwitDir lists the top 100 most followed and other “most” people, but these aren’t necessarily good guides to follow.   Twello is a great place categorizing people by category.  Twitterpacks is another service like this.   If you’re looking for people in specific careers or interest categories, these are good places to look.
  • Twitscoop has a cool dynamic search of what is hot on Twitter, like a tag cloud.  Twiturl tracks hot links that people are currently Twittering and ranks them.
  • Lastly, FriendFeed is a lot more than just Twitter, it’s a whole Lifestreaming service.  I won’t go into details, but you can have comment threads to your Twitters here, saves “@trash” as I like to call it (When people reply to others with @ Twitters and you don’t know what the hell they’re referring to, lol.)  I try not to use too many of those in my Twitter stream because it’s not interesting to followers other than your replyee most of the time.  I use Friendfeed and connect my Facebook status update to my Twitter to have threaded conversations there.
  • If this isn’t enough information overload, the Twitter Fan Wiki has a listing of just about every Twitter app, anything you need or never wanted will be listed there!

If I left anything off, please post in comments and let other people know what you use to get your Twitter on!

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