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I wish I could say there was a lull in my schedule to be able to post some of my more traditional blog entries, er…not the case. ūüôā But I’m here at Dragon Age: Redemption final sound mix watching Joe the mixer throw in grunts and sword slashes, and thought I’d grab the chance for a quick update!

The final steps of finishing this web series are HUGE education in what I DIDN’T know about filmmaking. For The Guild (which we are now editing as WELL, two projects in post at once, eep!) we have just a few people in the post-production flow, editor, sound mixing, occasionally a special effect, but bottom line you can count them on one hand. The six-month process of this show from wrap to finish has been totally eye-opening. Who knew that there were SO many wheels turning at once to finish a fight-heavy visual effects laden piece. The prep involved with editing to special effects to sound effects to titles to scoring to color-correct to assembling…ugh! It’s been amazing because everyone has pulled through on our tiny budget. I think it has definitely tested the capacity of what is possible to do as an independent web creator, but as I look up at the video monitor now, and I see me in elf ears slashing an unnamed enemy ūüėČ I CANNOT WAIT FOR YOU GUYS TO SEE IT!!!! ¬†It’s gonna be late this summer, FYI, date TBD.

We are already planning San Diego Comicon logistics (panels to be announced soon!), and next week the whole Guild will in Calgary for their Convention! It’s the first time we’ve ever been in one place ON LOCATION together. Watch your video games and cocktails, people, har har. I’ve been traveling SO MUCH lately, that the last thing I wanna do is see another airport, but I’m going to Banff beforehand to get an award at the illustrious Television conference Wednesday, so it’s not ALL bad ūüôā

On another note, I went to E3 last week for one day! WOOOT! It was a whirlwind to catch all the awesome games in one day, thankfully it’s the ONE place on earth that people manning the doors actually recognize me, so I was able to see all the games I wanted to. ¬†I’m not bragging, but I am delighted. ¬†Here are the highlights:

-Skyrim:  Seriously looks like the RPG that worlds have dreamed about.  The level of detail is astonishing that I saw in the demo.  Every inventory item is selectable and will ROTATE 3D ON INSPECTION??! I might take a month off when it comes out.  Seriously.

-Mass Effect 3:  I am so glad this is coming out next year, so I can have it consume my Spring.  The demo almost made me cry.  Bioware, your stories own my heart.

-Torchlight 2: ¬†Wonderful little indie game, very Diablo-ish, but the improvements to this sequel, including MULTIPLAYER, will set it on it’s own feet. ¬†Very fun. And my character was able to have a pet ferret!

-Bastion: ¬†My friend @kasavin, who I’ve known since I was twelve, is one of the co-creators of the hottest indie this summer. ¬†One of the Xbox live summer selects, this is an amazing isometric adventure/RPG story-driven game. ¬†If you liked Braid, this is this year’s equivalent.

-Dead Island: This looks yummy.  Like Left for Dead, but less arcade-y.

-Dance Central 2: YUM

-Star Wars Kinect:  I mean, you get to kill people by swinging your own light saber, physically.  No lose here.

Alright! ¬†I’m gonna try to do a video blog update this week sometime about all the great books I’ve read in the past few weeks, thinking maybe recording on my laptop and doing a few quick edits might be faster? ¬†Experiment to see at least ūüėČ

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