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Updates + New Guild Season!


Going back to Canada to do the last episodes of Eureka for season 5 (which isn’t even out for a year, haha).  Wanted to share some links with you, and hopefully I’ll get back to regular blogging in a few weeks when I am back in my own home for more than a week straight!!!

Oh, reminder, I’m gonna be at Chicago Comicon next weekend with Vork (Jeff Lewis).  🙂  Looking forward to visiting the city for the first time!

FIRST: Guild episodes! Episode 1 of Season 5, FINALLY UPLOADED! For Xbox and Zune users, you can get the episode (FOR FREE) here, and there’s a handy video to help you find it on you Xbox Live dashboard (in the US).
<a href=';vid=y02jncib&#038;from={from}' target='_new' title='Season 5 - Episode 1 - Road Trip!' >Video: Season 5 &#8211; Episode 1 &#8211; Road Trip!</a>

Yes, I know the staggered release thing is a bit confusing (Xbox/Zune on Tuesdays, MSN on Thursdays) but I appreciate everyone hanging in there!
Also: Here’s the brilliant season 4 recap that Kim Evey, my co-producer wrote. We got Randall, the Honey Badger dude, to do the VO because I AM OBSESSED WITH HIM!
<a href=';view=detail&#038;mid=18C6240A1D65E56DAD5D18C6240A1D65E56DAD5D&#038;first=0&#038;FORM=LKVR19&#038;videoId=6c16b5a3-6fd2-421b-93fc-6952c131b752&#038;src=v5:embed::' target='_new' title='The Guild season 4 recap'>Video: The Guild season 4 recap</a>

I was on Attack of the Show Monday, here’s my interview (Kevin asked some awesome but strange questions haha)

And there’s a big article on me in Forbes, print AND digital, which is kinda cool. Most of you prolly already know all this about me, but whatever 🙂

LASTLY, I was on the last THREE episodes of Eureka. How do you like Holly? I hope you do, I’m gonna be around for a WHILE! 🙂
Ok, gotta go pack…eep!

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